​Boiler Manufacturers Warranty – Is Yours Valid?

09 May. 2019

Written by Neil Marsh MCIPHE RP RHP EngTech


FORTHRIGHT regularly encounters consumers who have boiler warranties that are invalid. This is usually due to the lack of knowledge on the customers’ behalf and as a result of a poor boiler installation by the installer… If you are ever told that your boilers warranty is invalid, it will often be you that is left to pick up the bill to put it right! By being aware of a few simple key points, you can significantly reduce the chances of this happening, which can save you a lot of money!

Below, we have listed several common reasons why boiler warranties offered by manufacturers are declared invalid:

1. Failing To Maintain Regular Servicing

We have yet to find a boiler with a warranty that extends beyond a 12 month period that does not specify that an annual service must be undertaken by a Gas Safe Registered engineer on a yearly basis. It will often specify to keep the warranty valid, any service conducted must be recorded in the service record/log book that is provided within the manufactures installation instructions. 

Some manufacturers may offer you some leeway on either side of the annual period. However, failure to service your boiler as specified in the boiler manufacturers terms and conditions that make up the warranty will likely lead to you having to pick up the bill if things go wrong. By keeping your boilers installation instructions safe, ensuring the relevant sections (if applicable) are completed by the service engineer after each service, and by retaining any other documentation supplied by the Gas Safe registered companies that service your boiler, you are helping keep your warranty valid.

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2. The Commissioning Engineer Fails To Fill In The Bench Mark.

Filling in the boilers Bench Mark is a legal requirement for all new boiler installations.  It is a document/certificate that is usually included in the manufactures installation instructions that the installer of the boiler is required to complete in full and leave with the customer once the boiler is commissioned. Failing to complete this document fully is not only a breach of the regulations, but can lead to your manufactures warranty being invalidated. When having a new boiler installed, always ensure that the engineer undertaking the work has completed the Bench Mark entirely before they leave the site on the last day. The boiler should not be left usable until this document has been completed. When a Bench Mark has not finished, it can also affect you when you come to sell your home.

It is common for un-licensed people not to fill in the Bench Mark.

3. The Engineer Does Not Power Flush to The Codes of Practice.

Power flushing existing systems when fitting a new boiler is not a mandatory requirement under regulations. However, the presence of sediment such as scale and sludge within a central heating system can lead to early component failure and/or affect the normal working operation of the appliance. 

Boiler manufacturers do not cover the removal of sludge/scale/sediment or damage caused to the boiler due to either being present. The only practical way to remove heavy residue from a central heating system is to power flush it correctly. 

Do not be tempted to cut corners and skip on power flushing your central heating system as it is likely to cost you further down the line. Also, be aware that some companies may claim to power flush systems when undertaking boiler replacement but fail to do so. Always read quotes provided carefully and ensure it specifies a full system power flush, as chemical flushes are not the same thing.

Further information about power flushing can be found here.

4. Installation Defects

When an engineer fails to install a central heating boiler to the manufactures instructions it could lead to faults occurring with the system. The most common installation defects are found with flue systems, condensate pipework, central heating pipework, pump wiring and gas supply pipework. Corrections to installation defects could be enforced through regulatory bodies such as Gas Safe, however, it is best to ensure that you seek out a professional company such as FORTHRIGHT and get the boiler installed correctly in the first place.

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