Baxi Platinum: Currently The Best Combi Boiler Replacement/Boiler To Install?

26 Apr. 2019

Written by Neil Marsh MCIPHE RP RHP EngTech

Is It Really The Best?

Overall, yes! The Baxi Platinum has a track record of over 14 years, and has changed very little in that whole time! Now, as it has for many years, it comes with 10-year parts and labour warranty, which is supplied by the manufacturer and is market leading …

We have been installing and maintaining boilers for many years, and few modern-day boilers come with reliability and build quality that can match the Baxi Platinum. It has a robust design, and so as long as installed correctly, has the potential to exceed the lifespan of most other boilers by many years. If you are to undertake a boiler replacement or install an entirely new combination system, then this is the boiler we would opt for ever time.  

The Baxi platinum has very little plastic used on where the system water or heating water pass through, especially compared to most other combi boilers on the market. It uses mostly nut an washer connections with brass water sections and copper connection tubes and minimises on O-rings and flimsy components. The boilers case and structure is made entirely from durable steel and is sturdy. The boiler can easily withstand being worked on and stripped down, where many modern versions are flimsy in this regard. 

Get Smart About Heat Exchangers!

A not so well talked about aspect of boilers are the heat exchangers. The Platinum uses stainless steel, which is far more robust than the aluminium used by most boilers today.

For more information about aluminium heat exchangers and why they are inferior, click here.

Very Long Track Record!

The boilers track record speaks for its self. Most models rarely exceed 5-8 years, and even where they do, they are usually modified to such a degree inside that they are no longer the same boiler. It is common for manufacturers to build a good product from the offset, then to only replace higher quality components with cheaper and less robust alternatives, most likely to maximise profits and reduce costs. This is not the case for the Platinum, it has had some minor changes over the years, such as to change the pumps to energy saving pumps as part of Government legislation, but it has remained a very robust boiler. 

We regularly undertake combi boiler replacements in Gloucester & Cheltenham (and other areas), using this boiler. We offer a wide range of boilers, but this one always seems to trump the competition. 

The combination boiler is not a fix-all solution. Combination boilers have specific situations where they are ideal to use, but they are often missold for varying reasons. If you genuinely need a combination boiler, then the Baxi Platinum boiler is in our opinion the best bang for the buck you will get at present. Typically it is cheaper than most, if not all Vaillant and Worcester Bosch alternatives and is far better in build quality, plus it beats them on standard warranties without fail. 

What Are The Negatives? 

The only negatives with the boiler are its size, as it is bigger than some other combi boilers, and the offset flue position which sometimes can make it a little more difficult to fit. 

The Baxi Duo-Tec, which is pretty much the same boiler, but with a 7-year warranty, is also a great product, however, for the little extra it costs, the additional 3-year warranty is well worth it in our opinion. 

In our opinion, for a number of years, Baxi has been providing the best warranty after-sales shortly behind Worcester. Worcester slightly outperforms Baxi here as they are somewhat more efficient at attending quicker on average, but both deliver the best service out of all the boiler manufacturers. In the unlikely event that a Platinum goes down within the warranty period, expect a Baxi engineer with a van full of parts to attend in a quick fashion more often than not. 

Most of the problems that result within warranty periods from the Platinum are down to the installation. The main ones being that the installer did not install the boiler correctly, has not followed best practices and/or did not power flush the system. 

For more information about power flushing, click here!

When we undertake a boiler replacement in Gloucester, Cheltenham and all the areas we serve, we offer power flushing as standard to existing systems and install the boiler correctly. We do our utmost to keep your boiler running without issue within its warranty period, but if it does fault, you have peace and mind that your 10-year warranty is valid!