Boiler Fuels And Boiler Types

09 May. 2019

Written by Neil Marsh MCIPHE RP RHP EngTech

If you are thinking of replacing your central heating system, or installing a new boiler, what sort of boiler should you choose and what information do you need to make an informed decision?…

The right type of boiler is the one that is best suited to your situation, home and fuel source. If you already have mains gas central heating or a gas mains supply into your property, then a new gas boiler will typically be the best choice when it comes to running costs. If you live in an area where you do not have a mains gas supply, then there are some alternative fuel options including LPG, oil, solid fuel, electric and wood pellets. Generally speaking, LPG will be the cheapest to install out of these systems and run so long as bulk LPG vessels are an option. We would advise against oil due to the 10 year proposed phase-out of the fuel which is likely to start in 2020. 

We are leading LPG and mains gas central heating installers in Worcester, Hereford and the surrounding areas. Not only do we deliver a high quality and professional service, but we also do so at highly competitive rates. 

Modern oil boilers are just as efficient as gas boilers, but fuel prices fluctuate drastically, are more expensive to buy and maintain on average and generally have much higher installation costs.  

Electric is another viable choice, however, it is typically limited to smaller properties or larger properties that are super insulated. There are highly efficient options, such as ground source and air source heat pumps, however, their installation costs can be very high and can require significant volumes of work when installing into existing properties. 

Another option for properties without mains gas supply is LPG. Nearly all modern gas boilers can easily be converted to run on LPG, which makes the installation costs more reasonable. In addition to this, through companies such as ourselves, it is possible to have a free bulk vessel installed, which reduces installation costs drastically.  LPG systems are far cheaper to run than oil-fired systems and are often far less expensive to install than other fuel sources, which although specific systems may have more affordable fuel options at present, the installation costs from these alternatives often balance out any savings made in fuel costs. 

Mains/natural gas boilers are by far the most popular type of boiler in the UK.  They are cheaper to install and run and require no external fuel tanks to be installed. Due to the competition among st manufacturers in this sector, it keeps the cost of boilers down and provides parts and labor warranties of up to 10 years!

Once you have decided on the fuel source, next you need to consider the type of boiler you need. In short, central heating systems should be designed around their expected hot water usage. 

Combi boilers are ideal for properties where hot water use is low. Due to the low hot water efficiencies and design restrictions, they are not best suited to where large volumes of hot water are required and/or multiple draw points for hot water are to be used simultaneously. 

Hot water storage systems have come a long way in recent years. There are many options available to homeowners and is a solution for every property. When these systems are installed correctly and designed well, it is possible to get highly efficient hot water and heating with excellent performance. Typically either a system boiler or conventional boiler will be used in these situations. 

You will need a high-quality professional to design you a central heating system that not only performs but works efficiently. Few installers have the ability to do this, so when you want the best central heating installers in Hereford, Worcester, Bromyard, Malvern, Ledbury, Leominster, Tenbury Wells and all of the surrounding areas, you need to call us. 

Further aspects of the installation, such as boiler size, location, controls etc all should be discussed in-depth during a survey. Many factors need to be considered, and as every situation is different, there is no generic answer for what is best here, but only to speak with a highly professional and reputable installer and discuss your options with them. 

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