LPG & Gas Leak Repair Bromyard

Do You Require A LPG or Gas Leak Repair In Bromyard?

If you need an LPG or gas leak repair in Bromyard, you need to look no further!

Gas leaks are a serious issue! Not only do they pose a risk to life and property, but once the leak is made safe by capping the supply, there is no gas for such things as heating, hot water and cooking.

To locate leaks on both mains gas and LPG systems, we use a combination of pressure tests, leak detection solutions and gas detection equipment. Sometimes, the location of the leak is not accessible, or tracking these leaks might prove to be uneconomical, and installing a new supply is more cost-effective.

Regardless, whatever route is best for you situation at your Bromyard property, we are fully equipped and able to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

So Why Choose Us?

  • We have transparent prices, show up on time and are highly professional
  • We are Gas Safe registered
  • Our engineers are registered heating engineers with the CIPHE
  • We are a TrustMark & FairTrades registered company

“One of my first duties as a qualified gas engineer was to trace and repair gas leaks. Where I was unable to locate them, I was responsible for the re-piping of the system. Trial and error taught me a lot about the process, of which I managed to perfect over the years. I have seen a significant number of people get hit with excessive trace and repair charges or have seen quotes for re-pipes that were not needed.”

What We Offer:

  • We are punctual and provide accurate time-slots
  • Excellent value for money
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Exceptional customer service


For trace & repairs of LPG and gas leaks, we will provide you with a 3-hour arrival window when you can expect us, all of which we charge at our advertised rates. Where a re-pipe is required, we will provide a free and fully written quotation for the work.

We work on domestic & light commercial LPG & gas systems.


Do Not Fall Victim To Poor Quality Gas Leak Repair Companies!

Gas leaks vary in location. They can be in gas appliances, exposed pipework, hidden pipework, or service equipment like meters. It takes a skilled and logical approach to effectively locate leaks, which will not be implemented by many ‘engineers’.

Sadly, some scrupulous engineers will locate the leak(s) but then advise you that it’s somewhere else and that you will need to re-pipe some or all of your gas pipework system to solve the problem. It is imperative that you use someone you can trust!

Also, it is easy to fall victim to extensive hourly rates when using trace and repair services without using an honest and experienced company. In the right hands, such as ours, the approximate whereabouts can usually be located in a relatively modest amount of time, or at least what the extent of work will be that is required to resolve the issue. We have seen hundreds of pounds been spent tracing leaks by others, for then consumers to be told that their entire gas pipework system needs to be renewed.

When it comes to us, we treat your money as if it were our own, we do not want to waste it!  We want to provide you with a solution as quickly as possible for you and keep your gas/LPG leak repair costs to a minimum. Where costs may escalate as a result of difficulties in locating an LPG or gas leaks, we will provide you with the options and advise the best course of action.

Tolerances For Gas Leaks

Minute gas/LPG leaks are permitted in some situations. If a leak is on an appliance with no smell of gas/LPG, if it is within parameters, it is acceptable. The parameters vary depending on factors such as meter size and the volume of gas within the system. On gas pipework or other situations where gas can come back into a property, there are no tolerances for leaks.

Gas engineers have a legal duty to keep the public safe from the dangers of gas/LPG. Where engineers are prevented from exercising their duty, the property may be cut off from the main supply by the gas transporter depending on the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

It might take a long time. However, the location of leaks or approximate location can been determined in a typical property in aproximately 60-90 minutes, from which the best course of action can be discussed.

If an engineer has detected a leak that is beyond safe working parameters, they have a legal duty of care to ensure you and other peoples safety, as well as to protect the property. Often, the worst events are caused by unnoticed gas leaks.

Yes, our registration number is 563390, which you can check by visiting the website of the Gas Safe Register.

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