Landlords Gas Safety Check Cheltenham

Do You Need A Landlords Gas Safety Check In Cheltenham?

Look no further should you require a landlords gas safety check in Cheltenham for a rental property!

Are you a smart landlord or agent? Do you want to ensure that you cover all of your legal obligations concerning gas equipment within your property while keeping your tenants and property are safe?

Smart landlords/agents cover their arses! Just one minor incident can cost a landlord tens of years of gas inspection work, let alone something serious.

Do you want to be prosecuted to a level that could destroy what you have worked hard to beat? Do you want the worry of being dragged through the courts? Do you want the legal costs, compensations and fines that are go with poor choices when it comes to who you use and what advice you take for the properties you rent out? Or even at best, do you want to have to pay over the odds to fix equipment that was not maintained correctly?

We certainly doubt anyone would, but yet so many landlords cheap-out and pick some bottom feeding company to walk in and out of their property and do little to nothing but give them a piece of paper!

Worst of all, you can get top-quality landlord check service in Cheltenham for a very competitive price which provides you with real value! You can get all this by using us who will supply you with the best quality Gas Safe registered engineers!

So Why Use Us?

  • We provide complete paperwork which is delivered in a timely fashion
  • We’re highly Professional & Honest
  • 3hr arrival slot for your tenants or we can collect keys
  • You get excellent value for money

The landlord gas safety checks we do are done to the highest standards and are affordable! We even provide discounts where we are instructed to service additional gas appliances at the same time or undertake Legionella Risk Assessments. See “Our Prices” page for details.

“The standard which the vast majority of companies/engineers are completing gas safety checks to is appalling! This is not helped by a large number of letting agents that will not give work to engineers who do the job properly so they can avoid dealing with issues or having difficult conversations with their landlord clients.
If you’re using a company that works for these sorts of companies/people, then you’re likely to get the same low-quality workmanship at your property. If you want to make sure your tenants are safe and your property meets current regulation, then you need to use a company like us ”

What We Offer:

  • A platinum quality boiler service included in the price
  • A paper copy of the certificate left on-site
  • Full digital paperwork copies e.mailed same-day to the landlord
  • Any recommendations explained in writing
  • Same-day invoicing

Fly-By Landlord Checks Do Not Protect You Interests As A Landlord!

Most landlords believe that a gas safety check is enough to cover them legally. However, landlords are legally responsible for ensuring that all gas equipment in the property they rent out is maintained in safe working order. Should gas equipment become dangerous due to a lack of servicing, and should the worst happen, it is possible that a Landlord could be liable for prosecution if it was determined that a gas appliance service could have prevented such an instance.

We take a proactive approach with our landlord gas safety checks. We service the boiler within the property as standard as part of the landlords’ check. This ensures that our Landlords’ are fully covered. Furthermore, we do this for a highly competitive price, which represents excellent value for money!

Should we find any issues, where necessary, we will make-safe any dangerous situations and be in contact that same day to advise our Landlords on the situation and what is needed to correct it.

Landlord Legal Requirements

Landlords’ are responsible for the safety of your tenants. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 covers the duties of landlords’ to make sure gas appliances, fittings and flues provided for tenants are safe to use. This extends to communal areas that may be used by tenants.

Landlords’ are responsible for the maintenance and repair of flues, appliances and pipework provided for tenants. To do so, they must ensure that they use a Gas Safe registered engineer. Although there is no set timeframe in which these duties are to take place, good practice would be to demonstrate regular, annual maintenance checks and require repairs in a timely fashion.

Landlords’ are legally responsible to ensure that an annual gas safety check is carried out within 12 months gas appliance/flue installation and then annually every year after that, again by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Landlords’ are to keep a record of the gas safety check for 2-years and issue a copy to each existing tenant within 28 days of the check being completed. All new tenants must be issued a copy before they move in.

Under a recent amendment of the Regulations in 2018, landlords’ can have the annual gas safety check undertaken up to 2 months before the date the check needs to be carried out and still retain the original deadline date.

Use The Best For Landlord Gas Safety Checks In Cheltenham!

Should you be a new landlord or an established one who has used the rest, it is time to stop wasting time and money and contract the best!

Our landlord gas safety checks in Cheltenham are the most comprehensive and provide exceptional value for money.

There is no waiting around or chasing paperwork, you will receive yours the same evening, along with any advice or issues found during our duties.

Landlords who want efficient and correctly administrated landlord checks with the minimum of hassle use us!

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a first appointment that is accurate to 15 minutes 99% of the time. All other slots we provide a 3-hour arrival window.

A typical check with a boiler service takes 60-75 minutes.

For landlords that will not be present at the property during the check, we will require a credit/debit card up-front. We will only charge you once the work has been completed and you will receive a full invoice and receipt, including digital copies of the landlord’s check and service(s) we have provided the same day.

No. Any parts found to be defective while doing the check will be quoted for separately.

Yes, typically this is free of charge, but please contact us for details.

We provide free gas safety check reminders to our landlords.

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