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Do You Need A LPG Boiler Service In Cheltenham?

Do not look any further, you are in the right place if you need an LPG boiler service in Cheltenham!

Is your LPG boiler working safely and efficiently, and when was the last time you had it checked?

The dangers with LPG gas are far higher than those with natural gas. LPG gas can accumulate quickly unnoticed and is more volatile.

As LPG is denser than air, it will gather at a low level. As a result, dangerous levels can accumulate without detection, of which much less LPG is required for this to happen compared to mains gas.

Also, LPG costs around three to five times more than mains gas. Any leaks or inefficiencies with your boiler can add up quickly.

When you add the above to the other benefits what service from us can bring, considering what we charge for the high-level LPG boiler service in Cheltenham and what we provide, it is silly, and potentially very dangerous, to skip on a service like ours.

The LPG boiler services we undertake are of a platinum quality as standard. They represent excellent value for money! We even give 20% discounts for two or more gas appliances serviced in the same property at the same time! You will rarely get a boiler service like ours for what we charge!

So Why Use Us?

  • We have transparent prices, show up on time and are highly professional
  • We are Gas Safe registered (563390)
  • Our engineers are registered heating engineers with the CIPHE
  • We are a TrustMark & FairTrades registered company
  • We offer accurate 3-hr time slots.

We give 20% discounts for two or more gas appliances serviced in the same property at the same time!

“LPG boilers are often neglected, especially in accommodation, such as cabins, caravans and park homes that are not used year round. Some of the most dangerous boilers we have come across are in these small properties. Given the nature of how compact these properties are and the standard build methods used, the risk factors to the occupants and property are multiplied compared to a typical house when an LPG boiler is operating dangerously.”

What Our Platinum Quality As Standard Boiler Service Includes:

  • A full manufacturer’s service, including a full strip and clean
  • The testing of the water quality within your heating system
  • The testing and bleeding of radiators where required
  • Full written and detailed paperwork for each appliance
  • The re-pressurisation of expansion vessels*
  • Internal condensate pipework cleansing*
  • The cleaning of magnetic filtration units*

Condensing Boiler Efficiencies - The Ugly Truth!

Condensing boilers can easily lose 10-15% of there fuel efficiency by simple user errors or with minor faults that can easily be corrected by a high-quality boiler service. These losses can soon add up with any boiler, but especially with LPG where fuel prices are higher!

Pump speeds, user settings, sludge and limescale, calibration issues and general faults can all cause significant issues with the efficiency of a condensing boiler, most of which can easily be corrected while servicing.

What We Check During An LPG Boiler Service in Cheltenham

  • The boilers general condition will be inspected. Where it is deteriorated, you will be notified of such faults or potential faults that are likely to occur in the near future.
  • The boilers location and clearances will be checked to ensure that the boiler is fully accessible and maintainable
  • The boilers operating pressures will be checked.
  • Any ventilation requirements will be checked to see if they are adequate.
  • The flue will be inspected to ensure that it is free from damage, obstruction and has been installed and supported correctly.
  • Where applicable, the combustion will be checked with a flue gas analyser to confirm that the products of combustion are within parameters and no dangerous levels of carbon monoxide exist.
  • Where applicable, flue flow and spillage checks will be conducted to ensure that the flue (typically open flued) is operating in a safe manner.
  • All safety devices and controls on the boiler will be checked to ensure they are working correctly.
  • The burner, where applicable, will be inspected and checked for defects. Some boilers have pressure tests to check this.
  • The ignition and flame picture will be checked to ensure the boiler is igniting correctly and the flames being produced that is one of complete combustion. With some appliances the scope to do this is limited.
  • The primary heat exchanger will be checked to ensure it is free from sediment/dirt and other defects, such as cracks/splits.
  • The electrics will be checked to ensure that the boiler is correctly wired, fused and such things as the polarity through the appliance is correct.
  • Any seals that prevent the products of combustion from entering the internal spaces of the property will be inspected to ensure they are still in good condition.
  • The general circulation of the water around the heating system will be checked to ensure the pump is working correctly and no blockages exist which prevent the boiler from working normally.
  • Any condensation traps will be cleaned from debris, although due to the poor installation of some boilers this is not always possible.
  • Expansion vessels, where applicable, will be checked to ensure that their internal air pressure is adequate and no discharge is evident from the pressure relief valve.
  • System pressure, where applicable, will be set to the correct cold pressure.
  • The condensate pipework, where applicable, will be inspected to ensure that it is of the correct size, and where required, is correctly insulated
  • CO2 values will be checked, and where applicable, calibrated to within the manufactures tolerances.
  • A general inspection of the components of the boiler will be undertaken to ensure no signs of distress or failure are present.
  • Any other aspect specified in the manufactures instructions as a service requirement will be undertaken.

In addition:

  • We will clean magnetic filters where it is practical to do so
  • We will check the radiators are heating up correctly
  • We will visually inspect any hot water storage you may have.
  • We will check the water quality of the central heating system


It is important to note that most companies/engineers that advertise a boiler service in Cheltenham are doing nothing more than a gas safety check of the appliance.

Furthermore, their prices are similar to ours, or even higher, but you will not benefit from what a thorough boiler service like ours will deliver.

We deliver exceptional value by offering comprehensive boiler servicing at competitive prices. Just remember, what companies do when servicing boilers, and what you are provided is not equal!

Frequently Asked Questions

Up to three hours normally, but it can be as little as 15 minutes for a first call.

A typical boiler service takes 40-60 minutes.

We accept all major forms of credit and debit cards.

No. Any parts found to be defective while doing a boiler service will be quoted for separately.

You will receive a detailed service report sheet and receipt.

We provide free annual boiler service reminders to our clients.

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