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Do You Need A New Traditional / Vented Hot Water Cylinder Installation in Cheltenham?

For a vented hot water cylinder installation in Cheltenham, look no further!

Should you have a traditional/vented hot water cylinder system that is getting old, or if you are looking to install a traditional system, you have come to the right place!

Most existing hot water cylinder systems do not give as good of performance of what they could and fail to produce hot water as efficiently as they could. Usually, it is due to poor system design and installation practices.

Such issues can be avoided by using the right people. Few people are up to the job, and as a result, large numbers of properties are suffering from poor performance and excessive fuel bills as a result.

Use the right people, pay once and have a system that provides value by working well for many years. You can achieve this by using us!

So Why Use Us?

  • We have transparent prices, show up on time and are highly professional
  • We are both WaterSafe & Gas Safe registered
  • Our engineers are registered heating engineers with the CIPHE
  • We are a TrustMark & FairTrades registered company

We offer guarantees of up to 5-years on the equipment we install as part of central heating installations we undertake (terms & conditions apply).

“I prefer hot water storage systems, such as vented cylinders, compared to combi boilers in most properties, they have many more benefits so long there is space to install one. Their biggest drawback in a typical property is shower pressure and the space required to install one, but with careful design and the use of pumps where needed, these systems can perform great!”

What We Offer:

  • We are punctual and provide accurate time-slots
  • Excellent value for money
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Exceptional customer service

For cylinder replacements and new installations, we provide free fully written quotations and arrange arrival times and dates with the customer in advance of the work taking place.


Unfair/Misguided Criticisms

Poor installation is what often leads to these types of systems getting a bad reputation, but this comes down to low-quality plumbing system installation/design. There are numerous poorly installed vented hot water cylinders in Cheltenham.

Some people feel that vented hot water cylinders are a more traditional way of providing hot water that they are somehow inferior to other options; this is not the case. However, they do need space and to be installed in a certain way to get the best out of these types of hot water systems.

The leading cause of critism with these types of systems is with showers. It is because the cold water storage tank that feeds into a vented cylinder dictates the pressure available at the outlet. With poor storage tank installation & pipework design and/or the wrong shower choices, shower performance can be poor.

With the correct design and installation, traditional/vented hot water cylinder systems can supply large volumes of water for showers, baths and taps simultaneously.

Sometimes The Older Way Is Hard To Beat!

There are two significant advantages to traditional/vented hot water cylinders, these are:

  • Where correctly installed, they are very reliable and can have lower maintenance costs over other system types.
  • As the components are external to appliances, there are many generic options to replace defective parts, meaning that there is a good selection of high-quality components available at reasonable costs. The same or similar parts contained within appliances often cost far more.

One thing that is often not discussed with these systems is the ability to achieve high efficiencies in hot water production. However, fitting a condensing boiler to this type of cylinder is not enough to ensure efficient hot water production, but with careful design, a customer can benefit from reduced hot water production compared to systems such as combi boilers.

To sum it up, a vented hot water cylinder system can be installed in a way that meets all the hot water requirements of the property, will run for long periods without maintenance and produce hot water efficiently. From the consumer point of view, that covers just about everything you will need from a hot water system!

Have An Old Poorly Lagged Cylinder? A Good Reason To Change:

Where the lagging on an older cylinder is non-existent or poor, such as those from lagging jackets, having a cylinder swapped for a modern insulated version can quickly pay for its self.

A small cylinder with no lagging or just a jacket can lose lots of heat! Proof of this can be found by standing near one in the summer, of which you will probably have the windows open to get rid of the excessive heat. In the winter, depending on the whereabouts, it could be helping to heat your home, but more often than not, that heat is mostly lost into the loft.

So how much is it costing you? Well, it varies depending on the weather, cylinder size, hot water use frequency and other factors, but at current fuel rates, the cost to replace cylinders with no lagging or with jackets in the typical home could easily be recovered in a few years. Add to this rising fuel costs, if you are planning on keeping your home for the next several years, it could be a good way to reduce your living costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without loft space, options are limited. An option would be to use a Fortic cylinder. These systems are restricted in their performance, and therefore as a result typically only used when other options are not practically possible.

With careful design and the right sized cylinder yes. Often a pump can be used to provide a high-performance power shower to systems that are not designed well or have installations factors that cause performance issues.

They generally need at least a cupboard and space in the attic/loft, but there are options, such as Fortic cylinders, as already mentioned, for different types of properties.

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