Gas And Lpg Boiler Replacement Installation

Do You Need A Gas or LPG Boiler Installation/Replacement In Droitwich Spa?

So you need a new gas or LPG boiler? Read on…

Most people getting an old boiler replaced or a complete new install in a property is a straightforward thing; call a heating company, get several quotes and go with the middle quote if you can resist the lowest bid simply because it is the cheapest.

People have got it all wrong! What they fail to acknowledge that despite qualifications, accreditations and professional registrations, people and companies they work for vary with the amounts of intelligence, ability, experience and moral integrity. So when someone just looks at the price of a quote for a boiler replacement, or take the middle bid as some would suggest, what are they relying on? Pot luck!

Heating systems are not simple things. A simple oversight in the design or installation can cost a homeowner hundred or even thousands over the years. In reality, most boiler installations do not just have a simple oversight; they have numerous flaws and issues which quickly mount up through lost efficiencies and excessive maintenance costs. Sure, it may go unnoticed, after all, their energy bills have not gone up, and for the first couple of years, they have had no apparent problems.

What would happen if someone could show you how much efficiency is being lost through mistakes the boiler installation company made with your system? What would happen if you could reduce money spent on repairing your system by 50, 100, 10 or even 200% or more?

Sure, boilers will breakdown, in truth they have elements in their design to do so as it makes manufacturers’ more money, but with the right choice of boiler and the right installation practices, homeowners could benefit from fewer callouts with their heating equipment lasting many years longer, along with reduced fuel consumption.

Did you know that the majority of new gas &  LPG condensing boilers installed rarely condense? If a boiler is not condensing, it can easily reduce the efficiency of that appliance by up to 10%, sometimes even more! This is particularly important in larger properties and properties with more expensive fuels, such as LPG.

The typical boiler installers knowledge about what REALLY matters to the customer, heating efficiency and durability, is low to non-existent.

It is not about how much is spent replacing or installing a boiler in Droitwich, but the value you receive for that amount of money! Unless the property is being sold within a short space of time, throwing a boiler on the wall for the lowest price possible is not what will work out best for the homeowner.

So Why Use Us?

  • Get up to 10-year warranties on LPG/gas boilers installed by us*
  • Get up to a 5-year guarantee on other equipment we install*
  • Get the option to use insurance backed guarantees, includes deposit protection
  • We are reliable, honest, professional and offer excellent value for money
  • We utilise the best boiler solutions from across the entire market
  • We are Gas Safe registered
  • Our engineers are registered heating engineers with the CIPHE
  • We are a TrustMark & FairTrades registered company

*Terms & conditions apply

All of the work we do is done on a quotation basis. Our boiler quotes are free from pushy sales and any obligation. 

“The typical person does not understand the complexity of boiler installation. Many mistakes can be made by an installer which can have detrimental effects on the consumer down the line. Much of the work generated is because of issues occurring and equipment failing prematurely due to installation errors. It would serve home-owners better to look at the whole picture, not just the lowest price when making decisions on who to use to replace their boiler.”

What We Offer:

  • A professional and comprehensive service
  • A variety of boiler and system options to suit individual needs
  • Over the entire process, honesty and transparency
  • Work of the highest quality

We provide big business benefits, but with a quality service that can only be provided by a smaller company!


What a Typical Boiler Installation/Replacement In Droitwich Spa From Us Will Include:

  • A new boiler that has up to 10-years parts and labour warranty*
  • Up to a 5-year guarantee on other equipment, we install as part of the installation*
  • The best boiler for your situation
  • A complete chemical power flush with an effective inhibitor treatment
  • A high-quality system filter, such as the Fernox Omega filter
  • Robust and easy to use heating controls, like the Honeywell T4 programmable room stat
  • An installation that conforms to all the required standards
  • High-quality after-sales

*Terms & conditions apply.

The Quality Of Your Installation & The Equipment Used Is Vital To Saving Money!

There are several main reasons why consumers lose money with central heating systems. The money lost can be substantial, especially where there are severe problems with one of the below, or more than one exists. The reasons are:

  1. Central Heating Contamination (Sludge, Scale & Sediment)
  2. Poor installation methods/practices
  3. Inferior quality equipment

The average property could save hundreds of pounds each year on average by using a superior installer to install and maintain the heating system(s) they own.

Most installers care little about any of the above. Most want to ensure they are doing what is legally required to avoid prosecution and what looks good on social media, which covers little to nothing in this regards. Few have the knowledge and skill to be able to apply solid principles, designs and practices to the systems you own to save you money.

How Central Heating Sediments, Such As Sludge, Increases Your Running Costs

Regardless of the boiler type or brand used, all brands and models are affected by sludge, limescale and sediment.

These contaminants are significant contributors to premature boiler/heating system failures and efficiency losses in heating systems, with the most common issues resulting from central heating sludge.

Central heating sludge, also known as ferrous oxide, rust, magnetite and various other names, is a natural process where the steel components of a central heating system react with water and oxygen within a heating system to produce corrosion.

In addition, there are chemicals used in the installation process of a boiler system that can lead to chemical corrosion, along with galvanic corrosion from different metals within the heating system. It is possible to avoid these with inhibiting chemicals known as inhibitors.

Inhibitors are effective valid when added to a clean system at a sufficient dose. The more contamination within a central heating system, the more substances and surface areas they will need to interact with, thus diluting their effectiveness. Once diluted below effective levels, corrosion within the heating system will begin to take place. As more corrosion occurs, the faster it will multiply as inhibitors are continually being diluted as a result.

Most existing heating systems have corrosion within them, often to significant degrees. This corrosion gets in the moving parts of the central heating system, damaging parts and restricting water flow. In doing so, it wears out various central heating components more quickly and progressively reduces energy efficiencies with the boiler and heating system.

It is important to note, all manufacturer warranties/guarantees, in particular with boilers, exclude the removal and damage caused by central heating sludge to their equipment.

The most effective way of removing sludge from a heating system is to use acid-based chemicals in conjunction with a power flushing machine and correctly administered practices. It is not a simple practice! Few ‘engineers’ know how to deal with varying situations effectively.

Wasted Money From Poor Installation Practices

The most common issue here is installers failing to follow manufacturers instructions, thus resulting in invalidation of aspects of a boiler warranty. As a result, this can lead to refusal to cover related faults from the manufacturer or even callout charges.

Failing to size boilers, install pipework correctly and balance heating systems properly is another common issue, thus reducing boiler efficiency. Most condensing boilers will run around 10% less efficient than they could do, with some boilers the potential for losses is higher. It adds up and will do quickly in properties with larger fuel bills.

Performance issues, such as heating and hot water not performing as specified come up a lot. Often, due to significant errors made with such thing as system choices, homeowners just lump the performance issues as the cost to correct is high.

There are plenty of other practices that will bring about faults in the future or cause equipment to fail prematurely. The importance of using a good installer is vital if you want to have a new boiler with a valid warranty, run as efficiently as possible, why keeping repairs to a minimum and performing as expected.

Using Cheap Equipment

The answer here is not to spend the most money, but get the best value for your money possible. What this translates to is using the best equipment possible without overpaying. However, it rarely is possible to get robust products by using the cheapest options.

Equipment comes in different build qualities. Sure, there is cheap equipment that is of low build quality, but there is also expensive equipment that is the same. Also, there is plenty of equally priced equipment with considerable variations in robustness and design.

With boilers, for example, some of what people believe to be the ‘best’ boilers, from a build quality point of view, are far from it. There are cheaper options that have the potential to last many years longer and with less maintenance over that period.

We focus our efforts on what is likely to last the longest without paying over the odds. Most companies/installers go cheap and nasty with aspects or all of what they are selling to increase profits and even speed up installation times.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is extremely probable that boilers will be used in the UK for many years to come. Somewhere beyond 2035, we expect that hydrogen will start to be introduced to replace natural gas. All current gas & LPG equipment will be able to run on hydrogen with little to no alternation. Biogases are already being used today to supplement the grid.

There isn’t one. All manufacturers perform differently at different times and have products of varying quality. The question homeowner should be asking when coming to replace a boiler is “what is the best boiler product for my situation at this point?”.

Around 2-3 days, but it can take longer depending on the work involved.

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