Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation Droitwich

Are You Look For a Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation in Droitwich Spa?

For an unvented hot water cylinder installation in Droitwich, you are in the right place!

Unvented hot water cylinders are capable of producing high flow rates at good pressure to multiple hot water draw points simultaneously. These can be excellent choices for properties with various people living in the same property who need to be able to use hot water draw off points, such as showers, simultaneously.

Many unvented hot water cylinder systems in Droitwich underperform due to poor installation, plus when installing incorrectly they can potentially be very dangerous! It is vitally important that you use a skilled and competent installer to install an unvented hot water cylinder so that both performance and safety are ensured.

So Why Use Us?

  • We have transparent prices, show up on time and are highly professional
  • We are both WaterSafe & Gas Safe registered
  • Our engineers are registered heating engineers with the CIPHE
  • We are a TrustMark & FairTrades registered company


We offer guarantees of up to 5-years on the equipment we install as part of central heating installations we undertake (terms & conditions apply).

“It is an absolute disgrace the number of unvented hot water cylinders I have witnessed first-hand that present a potential danger to the occupants within the properties I have attended. There are a lot of tradesmen out in the marketplace who should not be working with unvented systems.”

What We Offer:

  • We are punctual and provide accurate time-slots
  • Excellent value for money
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Exceptional customer service

For unvented cylinder replacements and new installations, we provide free fully written quotations and arrange arrival times and dates with the customer in advance of the work taking place.


It Is Very Important In Who You Use!

You can waste a lot of money with a poorly installed unvented hot water system. Imagine paying for work that did not do what you wanted it to, and then possibly paying someone else to put it right!

Unvented water system design is complicated, especially with larger systems. To avoid performance and efficiency issues, careful design consideration and installation is required.

Fluid density, elevation, pipe sizing & friction are just some of the factors involved in designing a hot water system that will perform as specified, much of what your typical plumber will know nothing about. Pretty much, they eyeball it, and if you are lucky, you have someone with a good eye…

Not only that, unvented cylinders can be extremely dangerous when not installed correctly. From blowing a house to pieces, to piping hot steam and water pouring into properties, there have been a number of incidents in the UK as a result of poor installation. However, when installed correctly, these cylinders are perfectly safe and work fantastically.

It is in your interest to call in real experts, not the vast majority who claim to be but lack the ability or use fly-by plumbers.

We design and build unvented hot water systems that perform. If you want a service that delivers to specification, with high-quality workmanship and impeccable service, give us a call!

Frequently Asked Questions

Not if you use the right people to install them! In the wrong hands, they have the potential to be very dangerous, but you have no need to worry when using us.

In most cases, yes, but the work involved and costs can vary greatly depending on aspects of the property. In some instances, other forms of systems can be more cost-effective. We will always give you our expert advice on what is best for you and your situation.

They generally need at least a cupboard space, but in some instances, more space is required. It depends on what your specifications for performance are.

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