Heating Engineer Services

Are You In Need Of A Heating Engineer in Evesham or Pershore?

Are you having issues with your heating system? Or are you looking to upgrade or improve aspects of your heating system, or install an entirely new one? If so, you need a highly skilled and experienced heating engineer to ensure that you get the job done right, this is where we come in! Failure to use the right heating engineer can cost a homeowner a fortune in the long run, of which we see time and time again throughout Evesham & Pershore.

There is plenty of poor quality working being undertaking by heating ‘engineers’. Heating systems need to be carefully designed and installed to perform as specified and efficiently. In addition to this, there are many other factors and issues to contend with. Being blunt, not everyone who claims to be an engineer has the knowledge or skills to make a system work well, let alone efficiently. Nearly every single home we go into has issues with system design and installation. You need to be careful about whom you use!

When installed correctly, central heating can perform exceptionally well and at high efficiency. The problem being, is that most heating systems are not installed correctly. From installer errors to system corrosion, the vast majority of issues we come across are a result of the poor installation by so-called heating engineers. On a mass scale, parts of central heating systems are failing prematurely due to this and the lack of adequate maintenance. Do you want to be that person who has to spend regularly on your heating system, or would you rather have it installed correctly and have far fewer issues over the system’s lifespan?

So Why Use Us?

  • We work on LPG, gas and electric heating systems
  • We have transparent prices, show up on time and are highly professional
  • We are Gas Safe registered
  • Our engineers are registered heating engineers with the CIPHE
  • We are a TrustMark & FairTrades registered company

Any equipment that we install comes with a 1-year guarantee, and we offer guarantees of up to 5-years on the equipment we install as part of central heating installations we undertake (terms & conditions apply).

“Engineers should solve problems, not create them. Most of the work we do is because of the shoddy work of someone else. What more can I say?”

What We Offer:

  • A professional and comprehensive service
  • Guarantees on all of our work
  • Accurate appointment times
  • Outstanding value for money.

We will provide you with a 3-hour arrival window when you can expect us for smaller jobs, such as reactive maintenance, all of which we charge at our advertised rates. We provide written quotations free of charge for more significant works and can arrange specific days for us to attend to the work.


Heating Engineers Are Not All Equal!

Several common occurrences can come about from using the wrong heating engineer/company to undertake related work at your property, some of these are:

  • Jobs taking longer than required due to the lack of a ‘engineers’ skill.
  • More time charged due to jobs being dragged out.
  • Cheap low-quality equipment installed/fitted but charged as if it were of premium quality.
  • Additional work charged for that is not required, or that is done.
  • Shoddy workmanship.
  • Performance issues with equipment/appliances installed.
  • Failure in honouring warranties/guarantees if they exist at all.
  • Work that does not conform to current legislation.
  • Stolen deposits.
  • Work not being completed.
  • Long delays.


As you can see, much can go wrong. When left to chance, the odds become greater! Why take the chance when you can use a reputable and proven company like us who operate in Pershore, Evesham and around?

Quality does not have to cost the Earth! We provide exceptional value for money! We charge competitively but give people we do work for far more in return than most!

We are members of different schemes, such as TrustMark & FairTrades, which provide benefits for our customers, including such things as deposit protection and insurance backed guarantees.

We provide rock-solid guarantees on the equipment we install and can offer leading warranties/guarantees with manufacturers’ equipment, such as boilers.

Our work is of the highest standards, of which evidence of this can be found all over the internet in the form of work examples and reviews from our customers.

We do not fit anything junk or low-quality. Everything we install is of the best quality and value, nothing costs over the odds, nor is anything of poor quality. We balance the two and outperform our competitors time and time again.

We tailor our solutions to meet the needs of the customers and provide what is best for them, not what is best for us.

We are punctual, show up on time and are very upfront and honest, hence the company name!

But enough about what we say, why not have a search around about us and see for yourself, we have plenty of customers who have shared their experiences about us and lots of ways you can see the work we do. Try our Facebook page for a start!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our working hours are displayed at the bottom of this page, but we do work late in the week.

Plumbers have no formal training with heating systems and can lack fuel source specific registrations, such as Gas Safe registration.

Yes, our registration number is 563390, of which can be checked by visiting the Gas Safe Registers website.

You will need to contact us so we can discuss our availability in your area.

Areas Around Evesham & Pershore That We Cover

  • Hinton On The Green
  • Drakes Broughton
  • Wadborough
  • Naunton Beauchamp
  • Church Lench
  • Honeybourne
  • Cleeve Prior
  • Childswickham

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