LPG & Gas Boiler Replacement Gloucester

In Need of a Gas or LPG Boiler Replacement In Gloucester?

If you are in need of a gas boiler replacement in Gloucester, look no further!

Has your gas/LPG boiler broken and it is not worth fixing? Do you have no boiler installed in your property and want one installed? You are in the right place! We provide homeowners throughout Gloucester with high-quality and affordable gas/LPG boiler replacements.

Regardless whether it is a combination boiler, conventional boiler, system boiler or store, without the right advice and installer, you can lose a whole lot of time and money sorting out problems and issues that could be avoided.

It is important to note, there are many hidden problems with LPG/gas boilers that can cause you issues down the line. A large proportion of our work is correcting issues and replacing equipment that failed prematurely due to poor installation and maintenance practices.

Furthermore, boilers are not equal, neither are installers. If you want the best solution for your needs, you need someone unbiased who is highly professional and provides exceptional levels of workmanship… You need us!

So Why Use Us?

  • Get up to 10-year warranties on LPG/gas boilers installed by us*
  • Gain a 5-year guarantee on other equipment we install*
  • The option to use insurance backed guarantees, includes deposit protection
  • We are reliable, honest, professional and offer excellent value for money
  • Only we utilise the best boiler solutions from across the entire market
  • We’re Gas Safe registered
  • Our engineers are registered heating engineers with the CIPHE
  • Benefit from using a TrustMark & FairTrades registered company

*Terms & conditions apply

All of the work we do is done on a quotation basis. Our boiler quotes are free from pushy sales and any obligation. 

“The typical person does not understand the complexity of boiler replacement. Many mistakes can be made by an installer which can have detrimental effects on the consumer down the line. Much of the work generated is because of issues occurring and equipment failing prematurely due to installation errors. It would serve home-owners better to look at the whole picture, not just the lowest price when making decisions on who to use to replace their boiler.”

What We Offer:

  • A professional and comprehensive service
  • A variety of boiler and system options to suit individual needs
  • Over the entire process, honesty and transparency
  • Work of the highest quality

We provide big business benefits, but with a quality service that can only be provided by a smaller company!


What a Typical Boiler Replacement In Gloucester From Us Will Include:

  • A new boiler that has up to 10-years parts and labour warranty*
  • Up to a 5-year guarantee on other equipment, we install as part of the installation*
  • The best boiler for your situation
  • A complete chemical power flush with an effective inhibitor treatment
  • High-quality system filtration, such as the Fernox Omega filter
  • Robust and easy to use heating controls, like the Honeywell T4 programmable room stat
  • An installation that conforms to all the required standards
  • Top-quality after-sales

*Terms & conditions apply.

Few Will Tell You...

We do not just throw boilers on the wall and hope for the best, unlike many. Any boiler replacement in Gloucester we undertake, as well as elsewhere, is done with care and precision to ensure the customer gets what they have requested, unlike most.

Notably, there are many common problems found with boiler replacements by so-called professionals.

A significant problem is that most consumers do not know what to expect when an installer recommends a heating system, often leading to their expectations not being matched. This is due to pro’s and con’s of different systems not being explained, leading to performance issues that can have a big impact on future plans.

Another issue that is rarely explained to the customer is that all makes and models of boilers are negatively affected by sludge, scale and sediment. Also, all of the manufacturer warranties/guarantees on the market exclude damage caused to the boiler or the removal of it from a boiler.

When replacing boilers, in most cases a power flush is strongly advised. If a system has recently correctly power flushed and treated with inhibitors, or where all the radiators are being replaced, and there is little to no signs of sludge in the pipework, a standard chemical flush will suffice. Most installers will sell a chemical flush, and a number will not even do this.

It is important to note, boiler repairs from manufacturers under warranty/guarantee are regularly refused due to installers not following the manufacturers’ instructions, which can lead to problems. This is common and causes increased maintenance costs and distress.

It goes without saying, the above and many more common issues can be avoided through high-quality boiler workmanship and better choices of equipment. You need good advice and honesty, of which few will give! You can take your chances with others, or you can call us and see the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

The UK is a world leader at producing boilers and has a vast network with millions of homes and businesses that rely on cheap fossil fuels. It is not going to change anytime soon; this is a vast and established industry.

It is highly probable that some point after 2035 the UK will start to introduce hydrogen as a fuel. The grid is already being supplemented with bio-gases, an industry that is set to grow.

Hydrogen is a zero carbon fuel that can be stored, plus all the current gas & LPG equipment will be able to use hydrogen as a fuel with little adjustment if any. Boilers will become more efficient and may combine technologies with heat pumps and microgeneration to take the way heat and power our homes to the next level.

There is no such thing, all manufacturers perform differently at different times and produce products of varying qualities. As all boiler performance and efficiency is very similar, as a consumer you should be concerned with using the best boiler for the job in hand. If owning a property is a long term strategy, durability is the key to keeping costs as low as possible. Well made boilers last longer and break down less often. It is foolish to presume something is well made just because of the brand name.

One or two days, plus another day for a power flush. It can take longer depending on the work involved.

Areas Around Gloucester That We Cover

  • Staunton
  • Hartpury
  • Highnam
  • Huntley
  • Minsterworth
  • Hardwicke
  • Churchdown
  • Twigworth
  • Whitminster

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