LPG & Gas Central Heating Installation

Do You Need A LPG or Gas Central Heating Installation in Gloucester?

No need to look any further for LPG or gas central heating installation in Gloucester!

Central heating systems are not investments; they are liabilities! Central heating costs money to run and maintain, which is true for a system in Gloucester or anywhere else!

It is a simple question; how much do you want to spend on installing, maintaining and operating the heating and hot water in your property?

There are four main factors which relate directly to central heating that affect costs; these are:

  • Boiler efficiency
  • Thermal loss in spaces that do not require heat
  • Installation costs
  • How much money is spent keeping the system operational

All the factors above come down to the installer people choose to use. Poor choices with whom they use will often land them with:

  • Lower efficiencies due to poor system design
  • Thermal losses due to poor system design
  • Increased installation costs due to decreased boiler/system lifespans
  • Higher maintenance costs due to increased repairs from poor installation practices

Even in the short term, this can cost people significant amounts of money, but in the long term, this can be thousands of money they could have saved.

Time and time again, we are called in to rectify other peoples mistakes or advising customers how they are losing money, performance due to installation practices and equipment choices.

People who value their money and can see the bigger picture call us!

So Why Use Us?

  • Get up to 10-year warranties on LPG/gas boilers installed by us*
  • Gain up to a 5-year guarantee on other equipment we install*
  • Have the option to use insurance backed guarantees, includes deposit protection
  • We are reliable, honest, professional and offer excellent value for money
  • Only we offer the best boiler solutions from across the entire market
  • We’re Gas Safe registered
  • Our engineers are registered heating engineers with the CIPHE
  • Benefit from using a TrustMark & FairTrades registered company

*Terms & conditions apply

All of the work we do is done on a quotation basis. Our central heating quotes are free from pushy sales and any obligation. 

“The careful design of domestic central heating systems is generally poor, and the installation process as a whole is generally rushed. This often shows further down the line, and it does not always take that long before the costs of poor design and installation begin to affect the homeowner.”

What We Offer:

  • A service that is professional
  • Excellent money value
  • Durable heating systems
  • Tailored solutions

We offer a full range of central heating system options to our clients in Gloucester and always advise them on the best course of action to keep total costs as low as possible. We want the central heating systems that we install to have as minimal maintenance requirements as possible, therefore drastically reducing consumer maintenance costs over the long-term.


What a Typical Central Heating System From Forthright Will Include:

  • A fully installed boiler with up to 10-years warranty*
  • Up to a 5-year guarantee on other central heating equipment we install*
  • A fully soldered copper pipework system
  • A system that is designed to work at maximum efficiency that utilises lower working temperatures
  • High-quality radiators with grills
  • High-quality thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) on all radiators except one
  • Lock-shield radiator valves with drain-off valves on the lower floors
  • A robust and effective magnetic filter, such as the Fernox Omega Filter
  • A thoroughly flushed system that is treated with central heating inhibitors
  • Robust and easy to use heating controls, such as a Honeywell T4 programmable room stat
  • Fully installed to all the required standards with exceptional workmanship
  • High-quality after-sales

*Terms & conditions apply.

Lost Money Through Boiler Efficiency

The vast majority of modern condensing boilers are only working around 86% efficiency. Poor boiler choices, system design and the lack of calibration make up the vast majority of heating systems we come across in our duties.

It is possible for condensing boiler to be 8-10% more efficient with careful installation, and even as high as 98% with a few of the boilers on the market. Depending on how much fuel a property uses for heat and hot water, this can be a significant saving for some!

We are often providing these levels of efficiencies with the gas & LPG central heating systems we install for less money than installers/companies that are not.

Lost Money Through Boiler Choices

Central heating boilers are not made equal! The prices may be similar, but the build quality varies significantly.

Most boilers are only going to last 10-14 years before something fails that is not economically viable to repair due to the age of the boiler. Also, these boilers generally have more repairs before this point due to inferior build quality.

Robust boilers last longer and require fewer repairs on average. It is possible to buy more robust boilers for less money than some boilers that are perceived to be the best thanks to marketing.

Do you want to spend money fixing and replacing boilers, or do you want that money for something else?

Lost Money Through Poor Installation Practices

Boiler installation practices cost homeowners a fortune. We know because much of our work comes from faults and premature heating system component failure as a result!

From central heating sludge destroying heating systems, boiler manufacture warranties being invalidated to regular replacement of parts due to poor design, we have seen it all!

It is quite simple, many people who work on central heating systems do not know or care about keeping money in your pockets. When you want someone who cares, you call us.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is highly likely that boilers will be used in the UK for a long time, with the most likely direction that hydrogen is used as a fuel source in the future. As current gas & LPG equipment will be able to run on hydrogen with little to no alternation and is already running on supplemented biogases in parts of the country, it would be a good bet to predict boilers are here to stay for the foreseeable future and will remain the cheapest form of heating.

Compared to mains gas, no they are not. Not only are they considerably more expensive to install, but the fuel heat pumps use (electricity) is typically five times more than mains gas. The best heat pumps give 4-5kW of heat for every 1kW of electricity they use. Even with the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (RHI), the sheer cost of a typical installation will dwarf any payback the scheme provides compared to a well-installed mains gas central heating system.

However, heat pumps are great solutions for the off-grid properties for those in larger properties which can afford the initial outlay. Heating oil prices are extremely volatile, and LPG gas is typically 3-4 times more expensive than mains gas depending on how it is purchased (in bulk or via cylinders). LPG and to a lesser extent oil heating systems are often more cost-effective in smaller to medium properties as they are far less expensive to install and this cost goes a long way with fuel.

It depends on the situation. This is why you need an honest company who offers a wide range of solutions. Most other companies/installers will only promote what is best for them, not what is best for the consumer. If we think your best solution is with a service we do not provide, we will tell you to seek that solution.

If you already have an oil fuelled central heating, unless you have a large property, then generally it is not cost effective to swap onto LPG. However, if you were installing a new system from scratch, so long as you have the space for a bulk vessel, LPG would be the way to go in a typical property. For larger off-grid properties, heat pumps could be the better solution.

From time to time LPG suppliers, such as Calor, provide free bulk vessel installation which can be a big incentive.

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