Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation

Are You Looking To Install A New, Or Replace An Existing Unvented Hot Water Cylinder In Gloucester?

The performance of unvented hot water cylinders is what makes their use attractive. They are capable of supplying multiple hot water outlets at the same time with good flow at a good pressure. This performance is what makes them attractive to homeowners who need to be able to run more than one outlet at the same time, such as properties with larger families and multiple bathrooms.

The problem is that a lot of unvented hot water systems in Gloucester and elsewhere do not perform to their full potential, or very well at all, dut to poor installation. Potentially these cylinders can prevent a serious threat to life and property when they are installed dangerously, which a number of them are. It is vital that you use a highly skilled and trained installer when installing unvented hot water cylinders in Gloucester or anywhere else.

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“It is an absolute disgrace the number of unvented hot water cylinders I have witnessed first-hand that present a potential danger to the occupants within the properties I have attended. There are a lot of tradesmen out in the marketplace who should not be working with unvented systems.”

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For unvented cylinder replacements and new installations, we provide free fully written quotations and arrange arrival times and dates with the customer in advance of the work taking place.


Unvented Hot Water Cylinders Explained

Unvented hot water cylinders are mains water fed which require no header tank. Instead, they rely on expansion vessels or bubbles to accommodate the expansion of the water within them as it is heated. Mains water enters into the cylinder and then goes directly to the hot water outlets, with typical operational pressures of up to 3.0bar.

With careful design, multiple hot water outlets can be used at the same time. The more outlets that are required to work at the same time, the more complicated the system can become.

Operating pressure depends on mains water pressure in the area, although pumps can be used in certain circumstances to boost this. Accumulators can be used to allow for higher flow for periods or to make some installations possible.

Issues With Unvented Cylinder Installations Are Common

Many factors affect how an unvented hot water cylinder system will perform. It takes careful design, skill and a good understanding of physics to design an unvented hot water system that will perform well. Unvented hot water systems could potentially run three or four showers at the same time, which can be increased further through advanced design methods.

A common issue we see is that homeowners are cutting corners with people they use and then finding out afterwards that they have substandard performance. It does not mean that the consumer needs to pay over the odds to have an unvented hot water system that performs well, but when corners get cut here, more often than not it will show in the performance. The ironic thing is, a knowledgeable installer can often save money in the long run, so not only will the consumer have a system that performs well from the offset, they will have reduced costs over the long-term.

We have come across a large number of badly installed unvented hot water cylinders in Gloucester! From newbuilds to pried properties, the number of potentially dangerous and defective installations we have to advise to customers is high. There are what appears to be entire estates of properties with poorly installed installations, not just odd isolated cases. Do you want to be having to resolve such issues at a later date with unscrupulous installers, or would you instead rather fit and forget?

What makes unvented cylinders potentially dangerous is their ability to discharge incredibly hot water under high pressure, or even explode, when poorly installed. When installed correctly, these cylinders are exceptionally safe, can last a very long time with little maintenance and perform excellently.

Being able to trust an installer is essential. Should it be general maintenance, a completely new system, or an unvented hot water cylinder replacement that you need in Cheltenham, we have the skills and expertise to get the job done correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

They are only dangerous is the wrong hands. Our installations are incredibly safe!

They can be installed into most types of properties, but the work involved and costs can vary greatly depending on the work required. Other types of systems may represent better value for money depending on the situation. We always give honest and expert advice during a survey/consultation and will advise you what is best for your situation.

They will need at least a cupboard space, but in some instances, more space will be required. It all depends on what the system needs to be designed to do.

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