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Do You Need? Central Heating Installation & Replacement in Hereford?

Water-based central heating systems make up the vast majority of the heating systems we install. It is due to these being the most widely used forms of heating within the UK.

The primary fuel used to heat central heating systems here is mains gas. Electricity, LPG, oil, solid fuel and renewable technologies make up the rest. We provide heating installations and replacements in Leominster for clients that utilise gas, LPG and electric fuel sources.

We install combi boiler systems, heat-store systems, hot water storage systems and other forms of central heating. We provide these in domestic premises and light commercial applications, such as shops and small to medium offices.

So Why Use Us?

  • We are a Gas Safe registered company
  • We are a Trust Mark registered company
  • We only supply heating engineers registered with the CIPHE
  • The boilers we install have up to 10-year warranties*</li
  • We offer up to 5-year guarantee on the equipment that we supply and install*

*Terms & conditions apply

The central heating systems we install come with parts and labour boiler warranties of up to 10-years. These are provided by the manufacturer in line with their terms and conditions.

We also have our own “Forthright Guarantee” that covers the equipment that we supply and install for up to 5-years.* There are also options to undertake independent insurance backed guarantees against our work, which includes deposit protection.

What makes us different is that we build our central heating systems around being as hard wearing as possible. We do not want your heating system to break down. Instead, we want it to provide many years of trouble free service!

We install fully soldered copper pipework and do not cut corners with push-fit or press-fit pipework systems and fittings that rely on o-rings to create water-tight seals. Soldered copper pipework has a long track record, and can go many many years without leaks. It does not deteriorate or start leaking for no reason, unlike other systems, it is very robust. Where we do not use soldered pipework, we reduce the use of fittings and always try to use dual-seal fittings that do not solely rely on an o-ring.

What We Offer:

  • A professional and honest service
  • Great value for our customers
  • High-quality systems and design
  • Tailored solutions

We provide a range of solutions and always advise our customers on the best course of action for their specific needs. Our goal is to install the best value for money central heating systems, which have low maintenance requirements and will be cheap as possible to run for our clients.


“The careful design of domestic central heating systems is generally poor, and the installation process as a whole is generally rushed. This often shows further down the line, and it does not always take that long before the costs of poor design and installation begin to affect the homeowner.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The boilers build quality, how well a boiler is installed, and the quality of the system water within, plus an element of luck all come into play. For most modern boilers it is 10-14 years. A well-installed boiler with a good build quality could last longer than 18 years.

No, the market is growing and is showing no signs of stopping any time soon. Hydrogen, a zero carbon fuel, could be used to replace natural and LPG gas with little to no changes to most modern gas appliances. It is our bet that this is the future of UK heating and energy storage, which means boilers, and possibly hydrogen powered microgeneration, is the route the UK will take.

There is no such thing as all brands perform differently at different times, at different things and have different qualities of products. The focus should be on what is the best product for your home based on current and recent historical performance.

What a Typical Central Heating System From Forthright Will Include:

  • A boiler with up to 10-years warranty*
  • Our own guarantee on all other equipment we install of up to 5-years
  • A fully soldered copper pipework system
  • A system that is designed to work at maximum efficiency that utilises lower working temperatures
  • High-quality radiators with grills
  • High-quality thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) on all radiators except one
  • Lock-shield radiator valves with drain-off valves on the lower floors
  • A robust and effective magnetic filter, such as the Fernox Omega Filter
  • A thoroughly flushed system that is treated with high-quality central heating inhibitors
  • Robust and easy to use heating controls, such as a Honeywell T4 programmable room stat
  • Fully installed to all the required standards with exceptional workmanship

*Terms & conditions apply

Areas Around Hereford That We Cover

  • Creden Hill
  • Madley
  • Breat Brampton
  • Didley
  • Kingsthorne
  • Bolstone
  • Hampton Bishop
  • Dormington
  • Stoke Edith
  • Burley Gate
  • Canon Pyon
  • Bodenham

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