Gas And LPG Pipework Installation

Do You Require A Gas & LPG Pipework Installation In Hereford?

We install, adjust and add to mains gas and LPG pipework systems within homes and small business premises.

Using proven processes, we install gas & LPG pipework to a high standard which is used to supply boilers, fires, heaters and cooking appliances in properties in Hereford and the surrounding areas.

All of our pipework is designed with precision and carefully installed to perform as specified.

So Why Use Us?

  • We are Gas Safe registered
  • Clear pricing
  • Accurate time-slots
  • Honest & professional as standard

For smaller jobs, we offer a 3hr arrival window and charge at the advertised hourly rates on our website. We provide quotations for larger projects, such as full re-pipes and long gas pipe runs. All quotes are provided free of charge, and we issue them quickly.

We are highly efficient, therefore reducing the time we spend on a job which keeps costs lower for the customer as a result. We believe in providing exceptional value for money to our customers in all the work that we do.

We work in houses, flats, caravans, park homes, cabins and some business premises around Hereford.

What We Offer:

  • Certified work
  • Excellent value for money
  • Great customer service
  • A service that is better than out competitors

Honesty and reliability are not often found today. Not only do we have both, but we combine these with professionalism and high levels of skill to produce a service that is unbeaten.

This is how we provide exceptional value for money for our customers, not because we have the lowest rates, but by giving the best value for money.


“Gas pipework can be a minefield for the inexperienced! There are books upon books of legislation, standards, Code of Practice and other aspects which regulate the installation and maintenance of gas pipework and systems. Sure, being Gas Safe registered should mean that the person you are using is up to scratch, but if that was the case, then why is there so much dangerous work being done out in the marketplace?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at present.

We charge a full hour as a minimum charge.

Yes, all of our work is fully certified.

What Causes LPG & Gas Pipework To Become Dangerous?

When Gas and LPG pipework installations are not correct, the risks of a dangerous situation occurring increase.

Although we would not advise that you purposely breathe in LPG or gas, they can only become toxic through incomplete combustion. The most significant risk which each present relating to gas pipework is from a gas or LPG escape, which could lead to an explosion.

When either LPG or gas collects in a sufficient amount in a confined space, they will reach explosive concentrations. These concentrations vary between the two, with LPG is the most volatile. LPG requires the lowest concentration compared to natural gas to become explosive.

LPG is denser than air and collects at low-level without sufficient ventilation. As a result, it can go unnoticed in a confined space and become explosive quickly. Natural gas, although it is also perilous, is lighter than air and ventilates much better, plus needs larger volumes before becoming explosive.

Undersized gas pipework is a common issue we find. It is not common for it to be undersized to a degree where it can be dangerous, but it can be undersized to a point where the performance of a gas appliance could be affected.

Differences Between Both

Other than the reasons already mentioned above, the main differences between Gas & LPG are in their typical use, costs and energy content.

LPG is supplied in bottles/cylinders or in bulk. It is generally used to fuel properties that do not have access to mains gas or to fuel for mobile applications, such as caravans.

The majority of homes in the UK have access to mains gas, which is also known as natural gas. It is piped through an extensive network known as the distribution grid.

LPG is a manufactured product that comes from petroleum. It is a high-energy fuel which means smaller volumes are required to produce the same amount of energy/heat. LPG, when burnt, gives nearly 2.5 times more energy per cubic meter than mains gas.

LPG costs more than mains gas. Prices vary depending on the shipping, suppliers and the volume it is sold in. The cheapest form of LPG is sold in bulk and delivered by trucks, which is still around 2.5-3 times more expensive than mains gas.

Areas Around Hereford That We Cover

  • Creden Hill
  • Madley
  • Breat Brampton
  • Didley
  • Kingsthorne
  • Bolstone
  • Hampton Bishop
  • Dormington
  • Stoke Edith
  • Burley Gate
  • Canon Pyon
  • Bodenham

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