Landlords Take Heed: Gas Appliance Servicing

25 Apr. 2019

Written by Neil Marsh MCIPHE RP RHP EngTech

Advice from leading providers of landlord gas safety checks in Cheltenham & Gloucester…

Landlords should be aware that should they let out part of a property or a whole one, they must have a landlords gas safety check done annually to confirm the safety of gas appliances within the property. However, what many fail to understand is their duty of care towards their tenants.

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Landlords can be held accountable for anything that happens to their tenants or property which results from them failing to be as thorough as reasonably possible with any gas equipment they supply. As it is recommended by most, if not all manufacturers to have their gas appliances checked annually,  and by the schemes and legislation that governs them, landlords who fail to have gas appliances serviced annually which become dangerous, that could be deemed to be due to a lack of adequate servicing, are putting themselves at risk of prosecution. 

All gas equipment that we are aware of is considered serviceable. Therefore, dangerous situations could occur from the lack of adequate servicing. A gas safety check is the minimum level of tests required to satisfy a gas appliance as being ‘safe’, but many manufacturers specify that products they make need additional measures on a regular basis (at least once a year) to ensure the appliance remains safe to use. We do appreciate gas appliances such as hobs, so long as they are kept clean, will have very little serviceable about them and a gas safety check will usually suffice in this regard until a fault is apparent. 

We appreciate that there are additional costs with this, but is it worth the risk, especially when we offer discounts for combined servicing with landlord gas safety checks for landlords? Get all your appliances serviced with your landlords gas safety check every year, especially fires and boilers. For most landlords, this means an annual boiler service with a landlords gas safety check will cover them so long as any safety advice/measures given by their gas engineer are followed. 

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