Gas And LPG Central Heating Installation

Are You Looking To Have A Central Heating Installed or Replaced Within The Ledbury Area?

Central heating is the most common type of heating system across the UK. Most heating is fuelled with mains gas; other sytems rely on a combination of LPG, electric, oil and renewable sources. We are able to work on solving problems with gas, electricity, LPG and some of the renewable technologies out there.

We work with all the main types of domestic and light commercial systems, for example combi boilers, heat only and system boilers, as well as other forms of storage systems and water heaters. Whether you are seeking help within a small or large home or for your small business, we can help meet your needs.

So Why Choose Us?

  • We provide fixed price quotations, not estimates
  • TrustMark endorse out company
  • High standard of work
  • 10-year warranties on most of our boilers
  • Trustworthy and dependable

If you choose us to install your central heating, we are able to supply you with a boiler that has an up to 10 years parts and labour warranty, provided by the manufacturer, as well as on the work we carry out and the equipment we provide. Additionally, we are highly approved and able to offer insurance backed guarantees on all of our jobs.

Our central heating systems are designed to be long-lasting as standard, and we use fully soldered copper heating systems wherever it is possible to do so. If we quote to use flexible piping within a system, we adapt the design to use mechanical joints wherever possible over push-fit versions in order to improve the increase the durability and lesson the amount of places where leaks could happen in the future.

What We Offer:

  • Skilled workmanship
  • Great work at great prices
  • Long-lasting systems
  • Solutions to suit your needs

We offer an extensive range of solutions and always offer you advice on the best way forward, minimizing your total spend, not only with initial costs. We aim only to provide central heating systems, which do not require a high level or maintenance and represent great value for money to run.

Have a search on the internet for us and you will find many happy customers and first-class reviews as well as examples of the work we do. We are trustworthy and pride ourselves in not pulling to wool over our customers’ eyes.


“Domestic central heating systems are generally poorly designed with care, and the entire installation process is generally rushed. This often shows further down the line, and it doesn’t always take that long before the poor design and installation costs start to affect the homeowner.”

Frequently Asked Questions

It is expected that boilers will be utilized within Great Britain a long time to come, with hydrogen expected to become a fuel source in the future. Current gas & LPG equipment can also run on hydrogen with no or minimal adaptations needed and, in some parts of the country, is already using supplemented bio gases, it would be reasonable to expect boilers to be here to stay for the foreseeable future and will continue to be the cheapest type of heating.

If comparing them to mains gas, this is not true. As well as costing considerably more to install, the amount of fuel heat pumps rely upon (electricity) is usually five times higher than gas. The most efficient heat pumps give 4-5kW of heat for every 1kW of electricity used. Even in conjunction with the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (RHI), the huge price of the average installation will make any payback the scheme provides completely insignificant compared to a mains gas central heating system, which has been installed well.

However, heat pumps can be a great option for homes which are off-grid and for those in larger buildings, where the initial outlay is affordable. Heating oil prices are very unstable, and LPG gas is usually 3-4 times more costly than mains gas depending on how it is bought (in bulk or via cylinders). LPG and to a lesser extent oil heating systems are generally found to be better value for money in small to medium homes because of the lower installation prices and this cost goes a long way with fuel.

Your best option depends entirely on the situation. This is why you need to go with a trustworthy company who are able to offer you a number of options. Most other businesses/installers will only advise what suits them best without taking the customer’s needs into account. Even if we are in the unlikely position of believing that your best solution lies with a service not provided by us, we will still advise you to go with that solution.

If you already have oil fuelled central heating, unless you reside in a large home, then it is not usually cost effective to change to LPG. However, if you were seeking to install a brand new system, as you possess enough room for a bulk vessel, LPG would be the ideal solution to go in a standard property. For bigger off-grid properties, heat pumps could prove a better option.

On occasions, suppliers of LPG, Calor for example, offer free bulk vessel installation, which would be a huge incentive.

What a Typical Central Heating System From Forthright Will Include:

A boiler with up to 10-years warranty
A fully soldered copper pipework system
A system that is designed to work at maximum efficiency that utilises lower working temperatures
High-quality radiators with grills
High-quality thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) on all radiators except one
Lock-shield radiator valves with drain-off valves on the lower floors
A robust and effective magnetic filter, such as the Fernox Omega Filter
A thoroughly flushed system that is treated with central heating inhibitors
Robust and easy to use heating controls, such as a Honeywell T4 programmable room stat
Fully installed to all the required standards with exceptional workmanship

Areas Around Ledbury That We Cover

  • Eastnor
  • Parkway
  • Wallers Green
  • Ludstock
  • Dymock
  • Bromsberrow Heath
  • Trumpet
  • Staplow

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