Gas And LPG Pipework Installation

Are you in need of gas or LPG pipework installation, or do you require the replacement of damaged pipework in Ledbury?

There are countless reasons as to why you may need gas/LPG pipework installation or replacement in their home. Perhaps there has been a gas leak and subsequent capped meter; further appliances, which use gas, are needed; the gas pipework is not sufficient in size or there is simply no existing pipework for gas within the building. Whatever the reason, you need to ensure you employ an experienced engineer, who is Gas Safe registered, to do the best job!

So Why Use Us?

  • Registered with Gas Safe for both mains gas and LPG
  • Transparent and reasonable pricing
  • Highly proficient
  • Trustworthy

Minor changes to pipework will be charged at the hourly rates we advertised. For bigger jobs, we are able to assess the situation and provide you with a no obligation quote for free.

Whatever dwelling you reside in, if you have the need for gas or LPG pipework for heating, boilers or ovens within the Ledbury area, we can provide you with a highly skilled engineer able to give you top quality work!  You can rely on us to give you everything you need with as little me

You can count on us to provide the services that you require efficiently and effectively with as minimal disruption to your property as possible.

What We Offer:

  • Top-standard licensed work
  • All work is fully certified
  • Firm warranties
  • Everything we install will be free from leaks

“Gas pipework can be a minefield for the inexperienced! There are books upon books of legislation, standards, Code of Practice and other aspects which regulate the installation and maintenance of gas pipework and systems. Sure, being Gas Safe registered should mean that the person you are using is up to scratch, but if that was the case, then why is there so much dangerous work being done out in the marketplace?”

Frequently Asked Questions

What we do is dependent on the size of the job. Work expected to take little time will be charged at our advertised hourly rates, however for more substantial jobs, we will offer a quote. Please do get in touch for further information.

Using a mixture of methods (testing of pressure, and fluids and equipment, which detect leaks), we can put your mind at ease.

Effects of LPG & Gas Pipeworks

Poor installation and design can impact the following areas:

The way appliances, which use the LPG/Gas pipework, work
The welfare of the household and those living nearby

If gas/LPG pipework is incorrectly sized, it can impact how well it works, and in serious cases, how safely the gas appliances, which are connected to it, can work.

With mains gas and LPG supply systems, the gas pressure is regulated. Appliances, which use gas and LPG, are made to work at certain pressures and need specific flows, so they can operate as intended. Thus, it is vital to ensure that any pipework installed from the meter/cylinder to the appliances within the house is effectively designed to avoid the restricted flow or a reduction of the working pressure. Badly-designed pipework will not solely impact negatively on both of these areas, but can, in serious cases, also cause appliances to be hazardous.

Other installation malpractices can result in problems such as deterioration of the gas/LPG pipework and gas escapes. Mains gas, and particularly LPG, can be incredibly dangerous when leaks occur within a property or in other areas where they can accumulate. Historically, there have been countless occasions of explosions caused by both forms of gas, which not only destroy property, but also cause loss of life.

When installation is done properly, gas and LPG pipework is incredibly safe and can offer reasonably-priced fuel to be used for a variety of appliances. It is essential not only to employ a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered engineer for this line of work, but also one who has vast experience and is highly-competent.

How do LPG And Mains Gas Differ?

LPG and mains gas vary in several ways, but, on the whole, LPG is usually used for appliances within properties where there is no access to mains gas. It is also frequenty used within mobile homes and static caravans.

Mains gas is a much cheaper alternative to LPG. LPG is available in two ways: in bottles and in a bulk vessel. Bulk vessel prices are the lowest way to get LPG, but are usually still 2.5-3 times pricier than mains gas per kW. LPG cylinder fuel prices can be location- and supplier-dependent, but these are usually 6-12 times more costly per kW than mains gas.

LPG is a stronger fuel, and as a result, for every cubic metre, it will give you more energy than mains natural gas can produce. Therefore, gas appliances, which rely on LPG, use less than they would if they ran on mains gas.

However, LPG is also more erratic than mains gas; to become explosive within in an enclosed space, much less is needed. LPG is also denser than air, so unlike mains gas, which is the opposite and lighter than air, LPG will collect easily at a low level. This means it can be more challenging to spot a gas leak and can reach dangerous levels much more quickly.

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