Gas Engineer Services

Are you In Need of A Gas Engineer In The Ledbury Area?

Domestic gas engineers are needed for a wide range of jobs and are able to carry out many tasks in and around a property. Whether it is to move a gas meter, fit a hob, adapt pipework systems, replace an oven or install/maintain gas appliances, all of our gas engineers are highly experienced and qualified to deal with the majority of situations within a home.

The gas industry is strictly regulated; it is one of the most, if not the most, strictly regulated industry throughout the world! Here in the United Kingdom, gas engineers must be qualified to undertake the work in a variety of situations within domestic, catering and commercial areas. Overall, over a hundred qualifications are necessary, with each needing further training and re-assessment after five years.

Gas engineers have a high level of responsibility. Where engineers do not adhere to all the necessary legislation, guidance and Approved Codes of Practices, it is possible that they could be prosecuted under the law and can even spend time in prison.

In Ledbury, our engineers are qualified to work on both mains gas and LPG.

So Why Use Us?

  • Gas Safe registered (number: 563390)
  • Highly experienced Many years of expertise
  • Time-served gas engineers (City & Guilds)
  • High level of work and great value for money

It is not easy to be a gas engineer. You need intelligence, and the ability to undertake many courses and tests. What we see in reality though is a different picture. As the customer, you need to ensure that the workers you choose are not only highly-skilled and registered, but can carry out a top-quality service. Look no further: we can offer you all of those things and more!

What We Offer:

  • Open and trustworthy service
  • Professional and experienced
  • All work undertaken is certified and reaches the required standards
  • Reliable

For smaller jobs, we give you a 3-hour arrival window; these jobs will be priced at our advertised rates. For larger jobs, we can give you free of charge, no obligation written quotations. Our engineers can work with both mains gas and LPG, and are able to deal with the majority of gas situations within your property.


“I served my time as a gas engineer, working on a diverse array of systems and appliances. First-hand I have seen what goes on in the industry and what happens when it goes wrong. Gas engineers come with varying morals and abilities, of which between these two things there are bad eggs.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not, although if someone has the appropriate qualifications and is registered with Gas Safe, they could be both. A worker who is not Gas Safe registered must not be carrying out any work related to gas appliances, boilers for example, or any gas systems.

The only ways to check are to check the back of the engineer’s card or on the Gas Safe Register website. There are many semi-skilled gas ‘engineers’, so you should be checking carefully whom you are using to do what.

Yes. Our registration number is 563390 and you can verify this by checking the Gas Safe website.

Yes, we do within most domestic situations.

Areas Around Ledbury That We Cover

  • Eastnor
  • Parkway
  • Wallers Green
  • Ludstock
  • Dymock
  • Bromsberrow Heath
  • Trumpet
  • Staplow

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