Heating Engineer Services

Do You Require The Services Of A Heating Engineer in Ledbury?

Are you facing problems with your heating system? Or perhaps are you hoping to upgrade or improve elements of your existing system, or have a brand new one fitted? If so, you will required an experienced heating engineer, who can ensure the job is done properly and this is where we can help! If you choose not to employ the services of the right heating engineer, this can cost you a lot of money in the long run, which we have seen countless times in Ledbury.

Many heating ‘engineers’ are carrying out a very low standard of work. It is imperative that heating systems are designed carefully and installed properly in order to work as specified and with great efficiency. Additionally, there are other factors and issues, which ought to be taken into account. Being brutally honest, not every so-called engineer possesses the knowledge or ability to make a system work as well as it should. Almost every property we visit faces issues with the design and installation of their heating system. It is important that you make an informed decision about who to use!

If the system is correctly installed, it can perform fantastically and efficiently. Unfortunately, most have not been installed skilfully and correctly. From problems with installation to corrosion within the system, most jobs we go to are as a result of poor workmanship. In a large numbers, central heating systems are facing parts failing far too early because of this and also lack of care taken to ensure they are regularly maintained. Are you the sort of person who wants to spend lots of time sorting out problems in the future or would you rather have a proper job done in the first place and minimise future disruptions?

So Why Use Us?

  • Able to work with LPG, gas and electric heating systems
  • Quick and efficient at finding and solving issues
  • Open, reliable and top-quality workmanship
  • Effective and committed

Every piece of the equipment we choose to use is proven to do a good job. We constantly strive to ensure everything we use in terms of materials is the best, will last a long time and is reasonably priced. We believe that you are able to have many years without worrying about something going wrong! Furthermore, every job we do comes with a guarantee to relieve worries about what would happen if something did stop working.

What We Offer:

  • Thorough and professional work
  • Warranties on everything we do
  • Punctual within our time slots
  • Reasonably priced, but top quality work

For jobs required less time, for example reactive maintenance, we give you a 3-hour window within which you can expect us to arrive; all of which is costed at our advertised rates. For larger work, we provide free, no-obligation written and are able to organised specific days when we will come and carry out the work. We can work heating systems, which run on LPG, gas and electricity.


“Engineers should solve problems, not create them. Most of the work we do is because of the shoddy work of someone else. What more can I say?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately not, but we do work late in the week. You can find our working hours at the bottom of this page.

Plumbers are not usually formally trained with work with heating systems and are not always Gas Safe registered.

Yes, we do and our registration number is 563390. This can be verified by visiting the Gas Safe Register.

In order to give you an estimated time of arrival, it’s important that you contact us to chat about our availability within the Ledbury area.

Time Efficient Service

We carry out our work as efficiently and speedily as we can when undertaking heating engineer related work in homes in order to reduce our costs. We always seek to provide customers with honest estimations of how long a job is expected to take and communicate regularly and openly throughout. We are forthright in name, as well as nature.

Areas Around Ledbury That We Cover

  • Eastnor
  • Parkway
  • Wallers Green
  • Ludstock
  • Dymock
  • Bromsberrow Heath
  • Trumpet
  • Staplow

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