LPG And Gas Leak Repair

Do you have a Gas Leak in Ledbury?

Gas leaks cause problems. They do not simply pose a risk to lives and your home; even after the leak has been made safe, it will need to be found and the problem solved.

In order to locate leaks on systems which use either LPG or mains gas, we use a mixture of pressure tests, gas detection equipment and leak detection solutions. Nevertheless, occasionally, leaks can be inaccessible or find the leaks can be costly, meaning that it may be more financially beneficial to replace and install a new supply.

Whatever route works best for your circumstances and property, we have the right equipment and are able to solve your problem effectively and quickly within your Ledbury home.

So Why Choose Us?

  • Maximum efficiency using a combination of techniques
  • City & Guilds qualified gas professionals
  • Punctual, reliable and honest about our charges
  • Excellent, top-quality jobs
  • Cost-effective service

Gas leaks appear in a variety of locations. Whether in appliances, exposed pipework, concealed pipework or with meters, and other service equipment, you require a skilled and logical approach to trace them effectively, which many so-called ‘engineers’ will not employ.

Unfortunately, some deceitful engineers will find the leak(s), but then tell you it is located elsewhere in attempt to get you to have part or all of your gas system re-piped in order to ‘solve’ the problem. As important as it is to use competent workers, it is also vital to find someone you can trust.

What We Offer:

  • An honest and professional service
  • Reasonable prices
  • Highly-experienced
  • Punctual and reliable

If you choose not to use an experienced, reliable company, it is easy to end up paying high hourly rates for your gas or LPG leak locating and repairing service. With the right choice of experts, in a short amount of time, it is usually possible to identify the rough location, or at the very least, assess how likely it is that the leak will be able to be found in a cost-effective way. On many occasions, we have seen clients spend hundreds of pounds to be, in the end, told that their whole gas pipework system actually needs to be replaced.

We look after your money as we would our own; we don’t want to see it wasted and aim to help you find a solution for you speedily, keeping expenses to a minimum. Where the probability is high of rising costs, for example when an LPG or gas leak is challenging to find, we will provide you with options and give you advice as to how to best go about solving it.


“One of my first duties as a qualified gas engineer was to trace and repair gas leaks. Where I was unable to locate them, I was responsible for the re-piping of the system. Trial and error taught me a lot about the process, of which I managed to perfect over the years. I have seen a significant number of people get hit with excessive trace and repair charges or have seen quotes for re-pipes that were not needed.”

Frequently Asked Questions

On occasions, it can take a significant period of time. Usually though, in an average property, leaks can be found in around an hour and the most appropriate ways forward will have been discussed.

If a leak has been spotted by an engineer, they are legally obliged to keep your and other people’s safety in mind, along with concerns about the property itself. Many devastating events have occurred when gas leaks have not actually been detected.

We are registered and our registration number is 563390. You can verify this by accessing the Gas Safe Registers website.

Gas Leak Tolerances

Very small tolerances are allowed on LPG/gas appliances when there is no gas odour. Exactly how much is dependent on things like the size of the meters and the system’s volume of gas. No tolerances for leaks on gas pipework exist.

Engineers working with gas are legally obliged to take public safety into account, preventing dangers arising from the use of gas. Failure to allow an engineer to do so can lead to your home being cut off from the main supply.

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