Vented Hot Water Cylinder Installation

Are you in need of a new or replacement hot water cylinder in your Ledbury property?

Standard vented hot water cylinders use gravity to provide hot outlets with water. There is the possibility of pumping these systems in order to increase pressure and flow subject to the requirements of the property.

One positive thing about vented hot water cylinders is that, when installed effectively with effective system design, they are able to service multiple hot water outlets at the same time. These systems are a much better alternative to combi boilers in mid- to large properties and also smaller properties, where the hot water needs are unusual.

The sole disadvantage of standard hot water cylinders is the overall lack of pressure. Once more, this can be hugely improved, through the use of pumps, but this is not always possible or a preferred option subject to the building and/or the user.

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It is often felt that, because vented hot water cylinders are seen as a conventional way of providing hot water, they are not as sound as option as others; this is simply not true. They do, however, require space and must be installed in a specific way in order to be an efficient hot water system.

The pressure on offer at the outlet is dependent on how high the cold water storage tank, which delivers to the vented cylinder, is. If a shower is installed with the shower head being underneath the height of the storage tank, water flow from the shower can be restricted, particularly if the plumbing system has been inefficiently designed. These issues usually result in the negative perception of these types of systems, when, in fact, it is because of poor installation/design of the plumbing system. There are many badly-fitted vented hot water cylinders in the Ledbury area.

One thing, which is often left neglected to be mentioned, is the possibility of achieving high capabilities in hot water production with systems such as these. Installing a condensing boiler to this kind of cylinder will not serve to ensure efficient hot water production, but when carefully designed, gas or LPG central heating systems can be highly efficient at producing hot water and heating, meaning a reduction in fuel costs in comparison to hot water production options, which are less capable, such as combi boilers.

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“I prefer hot water storage systems, such as vented cylinders, compared to combi boilers in most properties, they have many more benefits so long there is space to install one. Their biggest drawback in a typical property is shower pressure and the space required to install one, but with careful design and the use of pumps where needed, these systems can perform great!”

Frequently Asked Questions

In a property without any attic space, your only choice would be a Fortic cylinder. They are restricted in terms of their performance, and thus are usually only used when other options are impossible.

If designed carefully and a suitably sized cylinder chosen, a pump is able to make a power shower perform well.

Usually, this kind of system requires at least a cupboard and room within the attic, but there are possiblities, such as Fortic cylinders, as previously mentioned, for various types of buildings.

Heat Loss For Cylinders

Where older cylinders have no insulation, lagging or utilise lagging jackets, the hot water cylinder has no help to cool. Although jackets are a better option than bare cylinders, newer cylinders have superior lagging, which is thicker, therefore they are able to keep water hot for longer, which, in turn, reduces energy bills with less thermal loss occurring. There is a huge difference in heat retention between a cylinder, which has no insulation or one with a jacket, and a new cylinder!

Energy costs always seem to be on the rise. With the exception of periodic dips, energy prices increase as time passes. Small savings now can turn into significant ones within a decade or two, so thinking ahead with regard to lowering your property’s heating and hot water fuel consumption, is a sensible thing to do.

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