Gas And LPG Pipework Installation

Are You In Need Of A Gas & LPG Pipework Installation in Leominster?

We install, modify and extend all types of mains gas and LPG as systems within domestic and light commercial premises.

Using proven methods, we provide gas & LPG pipework of a high-quality to supply boilers, fires, heaters and cooking applications in properties in Leominster and the surrounding areas.

All of our pipework is carefully designed to perform as specified and done to the highest standards.

So Why Use Us?

  • We are Gas Safe registered
  • Transparent prices
  • We provide highly accurate time-slots
  • We are professional and honest

For or smaller work, we provide a 3hr arrival window and charge at our advertised hourly rates. We provide quotations for large projects, such as re-pipes and length gas pipe runs. All quotes are done so free of charge and are provided promptly.

We are quick and efficient, therefore reducing the time spent on the work that we do and keep costs lower as a result. We believe in providing exceptional value for money in all the work that we do.

We can provide our services in houses, flats, caravans, park homes, cabins, some smaller commercial premises and other small businesses.

What We Offer:

  • All of our work is certified
  • Excellent value for money
  • Exceptional customer service
  • A service that excels beyond our competitors

Honesty and reliability are rare commodities in the modern world. Not only do we have both, but we combine these with high levels of and professionalism to produce a service that is hard to beat.

It is how we provide exceptional value for money, not by being the cheapest, but by giving the best value.


“Gas pipework can be a minefield for the inexperienced! There are books upon books of legislation, standards, Code of Practice and other aspects which regulate the installation and maintenance of gas pipework and systems. Sure, being Gas Safe registered should mean that the person you are using is up to scratch, but if that was the case, then why is there so much dangerous work being done out in the marketplace?”

Frequently Asked Questions

The first hour is charged as a minimum when undertaking hourly based work.

What Causes LPG & Gas Pipework To Become Dangerous?

When Gas and LPG pipeworks installation is not correct, there are increased risks of dangerous situations occurring.

Although we would not commend that you purposely breathe in either gas, neither are toxic when not burned. The most significant risk related to gas pipework is from a gas or LPG escape, which could lead to an explosion.

When either gas collects in sufficient volumes in a confined space, it reaches levels where it can ignite and be explosive. These levels vary between the gases, but LPG is the most volatile and requires the lowest amount of concentrations between the two to become explosive.

As LPG is denser than air, it can go unnoticed and collect at low-levels to explosive levels easily in a confined space. Natural gas is lighter than air, and although it is also very dangerous, it ventilates much easier as a result.

Gas engineers should take measures to mitigate risks from gas leaks and reduce the chance of gas accululaing. Poor installation practices by some Gas Safe registered people and non-registered individuals are one of the reasons why gas leaks occur.

A common situation we find out in the field is undersized gas pipework. Although this is rarely to a degree where it can cause a gas/LPG appliance to become dangerous, there are significant numbers of gas/LPG appliances which have sub-standard performance as a result of undersized pipework.

How LPG & Mains Gas Differs

With exception to the reasons already mentioned above, the main differences between the two are in their use, cost and other characteristics.

LPG is either supplied in bottles/cylinders or in bulk to fixed storage vessels. It is used as a fuel to properties that do not have access to natural gas and as a fuel for mobile applications, such as camper vans.

Mains gas is piped through the UK’s extensive supply network. The vast majority of homes in the UK have access to mains gas, which is also known as natural gas.

LPG is a man-made product that comes from petroleum. It was designed as a high-energy fuel so smaller quantities could be transported more practically. LPG gives out nearly 2.5 times more energy per cubic meter than mains gas.

LPG is more expensive than mains gas. Prices vary depending on the shipping location, supplier and the how it is transported. The cheapest form of LPG is “bulk vessel” which is still around 2.5-3 times more expensive than mains gas.

Areas Around Leominster That We Cover

  • Luston
  • Kingsland
  • Monkland
  • Ivington
  • Stoke Prior
  • Hope Under Dinmore
  • Kimbolton
  • Mortimers Cross

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