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Gas & LPG Pipework Installations in Ludlow?

We undertake gas pipe modifications and replacement, as well as complete new installations services in Ludlow and the surrounding areas for both LPG and mains gas.

All of the work we do is done to a high standard. We do not cut corners and complete our work to the required regulations. We use careful design to ensure that all our gas pipework systems perform as they should.

So Why Use Us?

  • We are Gas Safe registered
  • Upfront hourly prices and accurate quotes
  • We show up on time

When it comes to charges, for smaller works we charge at our advertised hourly rates. This will typically include work that will take up to six hours to complete. For work that will likely exceed six hours, we are happy to provide quotations. Quotes are free of any charges and obligation.

We do gas pipework installations, modifications and replacmets in homes, appartment, large properties, static caravans, park homes, cabins, rental accommodation and some small business/commercial property in and around Ludlow.

We are quick and efficient, therefore keeping any hourly charges or quotes to a minimum. When you want the best value for money, you contact us!

What We Offer:

  • Fully certified gas work
  • Value for money
  • A top-notch service from start to finish
  • Years of experience

Honest and reliable companies are hard to come by. Combine that with skill and ability, and you have a rare company. Lucky for you, we have all of these attributes.

We are Forthright by name and forthright in value. We are up-front, no-nonsense and give clear and realistic expectations with anything we do.


“Gas pipework can be a minefield for the inexperienced! There are books upon books of legislation, standards, Code of Practice and other aspects which regulate the installation and maintenance of gas pipework and systems. Sure, being Gas Safe registered should mean that the person you are using is up to scratch, but if that was the case, then why is there so much dangerous work being done out in the marketplace?”

Frequently Asked Questions

At present, no.

We charge the first hour as a minimum charge/call-out for hourly based work.

Fully soldered copper pipework, it is proven and very reliable.

When Gas & LPG Pipework Becomes Dangerous

Gas and LPG pipework that becomes dangerous is usually a result of poor installation practices.

Gas and LPG its self is not dangerous to breathe in, although we would not suggest breathing in fulls. Unburnt gas &LPG is not dangerous like carbon monoxide is, it is the explosive nature where the risks stem from.

For either to become explosive, they need to accumulate in confined spaces and reach what is known as explosive concentrations. The concentrations differ between the two, with LPG requiring much lower concentrations. This coupled with LPG’s higher density than air makes LPG a much more volatile and dangerous gas out of the two. Natural gas is lighter than air, which makes it easier to detect. In addition, it ventilates better, and it requires higher concentrations before it can become explosive, making it is safer in this regard. However, it is still hazardous.

Gas engineers are trained to install gas pipework in such a way that reduces the risks of gas leaks drastically. Plus should there be a leak, to reduce the chances of it collecting without being noticed. It is a complex and skilled job, which sadly many do not fully understand/follow the required standards fully needed to keep people and property as safe as possible.

Pipe sizing is another issue we come across regularly. It is rare we find pipe-sizing issues that are poor enough to make appliances dangerous, but we do see undersized pipework harming performance from appliances and also causing faults.

The Differences Between LPG & Gas

Bottled gas (LPG), which is supplied in cylinders, and also in bulk to fixed vessels, is an off-grid fuel. Off-grid refers to properties and premises that are too far away to connect onto the mains gas network that supplies the vast majority of properties within the UK. Bottles gas is also used in mobile situations, such as camping vans and catering trucks.

LPG is a manufactured gas that comes from petroleum. It was developed to be a high energy fuel so small quantities can be transported to be used to generate heat and power. The same volume of LPG, when compared to natural gas, gives out nearly 2.5 times more energy.

Natural gas, which is also known as mains gas, is supplied through the vast gas network we have in the UK. It is the most used fuel for heat and power production. Natural gas is a naturally occurring gas that can be found all over the world in various places.

LPG is more expensive than mains gas. LPG varies in price depending on the supply (bulk or cylinder), the location and other factors.

The main differences between the gases are the smell, density, cost and the energy each produces.

Areas Around Ludlow That We Cover

  • Woofferton
  • Stanton Lacy
  • Middleton
  • Bromfield
  • Cleehill
  • Caynham
  • Richards Castle
  • Elton

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