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Vented Hot Water Cylinder Replacements & Installations In Ludlow

We have been installing vented hot water cylinders for a long time. These traditional heating systems are still widely used throughout the country, and they can work exceptionally well when installed correctly!

In our experience, vented hot water systems are generally more reliable than combi boiler systems. They can provide water to multiple hot water outlets at the same time effectively, can produce hot water more efficiently and can be cheaper to maintain. Also, it is possible to have an immersion heater as a back-up, should the secondary heat source (where applicable) go down.

When installed correctly, vented hot water cylinder systems can perform well and provide an excellent solution to hot water production in homes of all sizes.

So Why Use Us?

  • Certified cylinder installations
  • Competative pricing
  • We are WaterSafe approved
  • We install to high standards

Vented hot water cylinders rely on water stored at high-level in a storage tank to deliver hot water at outlets. The pressure is dictated by the height of the storage tank but can be increased using pumps. It is important to note, flow and pressure are two different things. Having high flow rates of water under low pressure is possible.

Poor installation methods and restrictions within a property are what leads to poor performance at the outlets from these types of system. It is most commonplace with showers on the first floor when storage tanks are not much higher than the height of the shower head.

With good design and installation, these systems can perform without fault. For properties in Ludlow, we are the company to call!

What We Offer:

  • An open and honest approach
  • Professionally designed systems
  • Solutions to your problems
  • Exceptional levels of service

“I prefer hot water storage systems, such as vented cylinders, compared to combi boilers in most properties, they have many more benefits so long there is space to install one. Their biggest drawback in a typical property is shower pressure and the space required to install one, but with careful design and the use of pumps where needed, these systems can perform great!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but there are only a few low-performance choices unless the property has high-level space to install a storage tank. One example is fortic cylinders, these can be fine for providing water to taps, but they have a limited capacity of water which can be an issue for baths and also without the head height, shower performance will be poor to not possible.

Yes, but they need to be carefully installed and sized.

Loss of heat for cylinders

Old cylinders may not have lagging or lagging jackets to help slow down the cooling of the hot water cylinder. While jackets are better than bare cylinders, modern cylinders have better quality insulation, which is thicker, making them retain hot water for longer. This reduces the bills for hot water as less energy is lost through thermal loss. The difference between a new cylinder and a cylinder without isolation or one with a jacket in heat retention is quite significant.

Historically, prices of energy rise. With the exception of periodic dips, as time goes on, energy becomes more expensive. Smaller savings today can turn into large savings in 10 to 20 years, so thinking ahead in regards to reducing your home’s heating and hot water fuel consumption is a clever thing to do.

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