LPG And Gas Leak Repair

Are you in Malvern And Have A Gas Leak?

Gas leaks are troubling. Not only do they create a risk to life and property, but once the leak is made safe, it will need locating and rectifying where it is possible to locate.

We utilise a mixture of pressure tests, leak detection solutions and gas detection equipment in order to find leaks with both systems using mains gas and LPG. However, it is occasionally impossible to access the location of the leak or the tracing of these leaks could be uneconomically sound, thus making more sense to pay for a new installation.

Whichever route best suits you and your home, we are highly experienced and able to solve the problem with speed and precision within your Malvern home.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • We use a number of techniques to maximize efficiency
  • City & Guilds qualified gas professionals
  • Punctual, and honest about our prices
  • Superb workmanship
  • Excellent value for money

Gas leaks can happen in a variety of places: in gas appliances, exposed pipework, hideen pipework or with equipment, for example, meters. A sensible, step-by-step approach is necessary to be efficient at tracing leaks; many so-called ‘engineers’ choose not to take this line.

Unfortunately, some less trustworthy workers may find the leak(s), but then inform you it is located somewhere else, requiring the re-piping of part or all of your system to solve the problem. In all honesty, it is vital to use the services of someone you can trust as much as emplying someone capable.

What We Offer:

  • Trustworthy and professional without fail
  • Cost effective
  • Wealth of experience and knowledge
  • Reliable and dependable

Choosing against a trustworthy and experienced company makes it easier for you to avoid having to pay out extortionate prices as part of a gas or LPG leak trace and repair. With the right company, in a relatively short period of time, the rough location, or at least what the chances of tracing the leak in a reasonably priced manner is. Far too often, we have witnessed vast amounts of money being spent by customers, only to be eventually informed that the entire pipework system needs replacing.

We aim to treat you like we would our own family members; we don’t want to waste your money and aim to solve the problems as rapidly as feasibly possible, keeping costs low. In situations where it is possible for costs to increase, for example, when there is difficulty tracing the leak, we will advise you of all the options and what we feel would be the best solution for your individual circumstances.


“One of my first duties as a qualified gas engineer was to trace and repair gas leaks. Where I was unable to locate them, I was responsible for the re-piping of the system. Trial and error taught me a lot about the process, of which I managed to perfect over the years. I have seen a significant number of people get hit with excessive trace and repair charges or have seen quotes for re-pipes that were not needed.”

Frequently Asked Questions

It can, in certain cases, take quite a while, but with the average home, the leak’s location or rough location will have been detected. Thereafter, advice will be given as to how to move forward.

If a leak has been detected, which is deemed to be at a dangerous level, it would be negligent and illegal for the engineer to fail to take action. By switching off the gas, your safety, that of others and your property have been taken into account; undetected gas leaks can lead to serious problems.

Yes and our registration number is 563390. This can be checked if you take a look at the Gas Safe Registers website.

Gas Leak Tolerances

Tiny tolerances are permitted on LPG/gas appliances with no smell of gas. The exact amount depends on things like the size of the meter and the amount of gas within the system. There is a zero tolerance approach with regard to leaks in gas pipework.

Gas engineers are legally bound to ensure the public’s safety from hazards that can result through the from the use of gas. Preventing an engineer from carrying out this duty may lead to the property being disconnected from the mains.

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