Preparing Your Home For Winter – Advice From A Plumber Heating Engineer

11 May. 2019

Written by Neil Marsh MCIPHE RP RHP EngTech

The UK still sees its fair share of harsh winter weather, last year we had heavy snowfall on three separate occasions locally, causing all sorts of damage which some could have been avoided…

We strongly advise people to prepare their homes well ahead of the upcoming winter, not only in the interest of saving money but the discomfort, hassle and lost time that these issues often cause. 

Service Your Boiler!

There really is not much time left until the cold hits, any issues that could be going un-noticed with your boiler, especially major ones, are best dealt with now why the weather is warm and the need for hot water is not as essential. 

When that cold snap first hits vast numbers of people turn on their boilers and heating systems to find they are not working. Typically this happens anywhere between September and November and getting a heating engineer quickly is nearly impossible. Save yourself the discomfort and often increased prices by having your boiler and heating system checked now by having a boiler service. 

For a high-quality, trustworthy and competitively priced boiler service in Worcester, Hereford, Bromyard, Malvern and the areas around, use Forthright Bromyard. Please contact us by any other contact methods provided on this page. 

Check your heating!

Fire up that heating and make sure all your radiators, towel rails, underfloor heating or other heat emitters get warm. It is common for Thermostatic Radiator Valves to stick, system pressures to be low and radiators to need bleeding. Utilizing a small amount of time to do these necessary checks and user expected maintenance can save you a lot of hassle and possible money, and should you have any faults with aspects of your heating system, you can get them resolved before the winter. 

If you have an old boiler and it does not fire, it is possible you may need to replace it. It is better to find out now than be struggling in the winter! If you are local, it would be ideal to get any new boiler quotations in Worcester, Hereford, Bromyard etc from a company like Forthright Bromyard why it is still warm so you can have a full working central heating system for winter. 

Prepare your plumbing

Frozen pipes can cause carnage in homes. Not just because of the lack of water or heating that such pipes provide for, but the damage it causes and the costs and problems associated with it. Now is the time to insulate any pipework that is bare and running through cold places, be prepared to isolate and drain any outside taps when the weather turns and ensure that any other issues that could become problematic when it freezes are quickly resolved. 

Blocked gutters, drains or any other issues where excess water can cause problems should also be looked at. Water damage pouring into a property due to blockages in gutters and drains can be costly to resolve. 

Forthright can be contacted for general plumbing and heating system maintenance as well as any central heating and boiler replacement quotes in Worcester, Hereford, Bromyard, Malvern, Leominster, Ledbury, Tenbury Wells and the areas around.