Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installations & Replacements In Tenbury Wells?

The performance of unvented hot water cylinders is what makes their use attractive. They are capable of supplying multiple hot water outlets at the same time with good flow at a good pressure. This performance is what makes them attractive to homeowners who need to be able to run more than one outlet at the same time, such as properties with larger families and multiple bathrooms.

The problem is that a lot of unvented hot water systems do not perform to their full potential, or very well at all, dut to poor installation. Potentially these cylinders can prevent a serious threat to life and property when they are installed dangerously, which a number of them are. It is vital that you use a highly skilled and trained installer when installing unvented hot water cylinders in Gloucester or anywhere else.

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A well installed unvented hot water cylinder system is hard to beat! They can operate at good pressures and deliver exception rates of flow which can be used to supply multiple hot outlets simultaneously.

With unvented hot water, it is a case of how far do you wish to take it. Large systems can be designed to supply hot water to many outlets should the need arise. If you need large volumes of hot water, these systems can be designed to handle just about anything.

In typical households, they can work great. Installation challenges within properties can place barriers in the way of installing an unvented cylinder, thus making other options more viable from a cost point of view. However, when these systems are installed correctly, they perform exceptionally well and can be designed to produce hot water at high efficiencies.

In reality, there are a lot of unvented hot water systems that do not perform to their full potential, or even very poorly due to poor installation and design.

It is also possible for unvented systems to be installed in a way that can be very dangerous. Sadly, there are large numbers that are installed throught the country and in areas such as Tenbury Wells that have been installed so poorly that are a danger to the people living in the home.

Unvented hot water cylinders can discharge high-temperature steam and water under certain fault conditions. Common installation defects could prevent this water/steam from exiting the building and cause harm to people. It is even possible for these cylinders to explode under certain installation conditions. Neither of these dangers present a threat when installed correctly, but is vital that homeowners use highly skilled and competent engineers to install unvented equipment for this reason.

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“It is an absolute disgrace the number of unvented hot water cylinders I have witnessed first-hand that present a potential danger to the occupants within the properties I have attended. There are a lot of tradesmen out in the marketplace who should not be working with unvented systems.”

Frequently Asked Questions

They are only dangerous when installed by people who are not competent.

They require a lot of equipment, adequate space and provisions to ensure the proper water supply and safe discharge. In some properties, these barriers to installation can cause installation costs to increase quickly.

Yes, they do. Admittedly, not too much in most cases, and they often go many years without any, but there are serviceable aspects to them.

How Unvented Hot Water Cylinders Work

They utilise cold mains water to directly fill the cylinder and provide water to hot outlets at mains pressure. To improve their performance, accumulators and pumps can be installed to increase available flow and pressure. In most cases, they work entirely well without additional measures.

Mains water comes into the cylinder at the bottom and keeps the cylinder full and under pressure. A heat source, such a boiler, will heat the cylinder. When a hot outlet is operated, heated water leaves the top of the tank to go to the required outlet(s), typically at mains pressure.

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