Vented Hot Water Cylinder Installation

Traditional Vented Hot Water Cylinder Installations In Tenbury Wells

We have been installing vented hot water cylinders for many years. Although considered traditional heating systems, they are still widely used in the UK to this very day. The reason for this is that they work when installed correctly!

Vented hot water systems are generally more reliable than combi boilers. As several of the major components are external and can be replaced with varying options from different brands, such parts, like pumps, are cheaper than what they would be in a combi boiler system.

When installed correctly, vented hot water cylinder systems can be very effective and provide an excellent solution to hot water production in homes of all sizes.

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Vented hot water cylinders use the force of gravity from water stored at high-level in a storage tank to deliver hot water at outlets. Pressure can be increased by increasing the height of the storage tank, or by using pumps, which will increase the flow available at the outlets.

When cylinders, storage tanks and pipework systems are sized correctly, these systems can deliver large amounts of flow to multiple outlets simultaneously.  Pumps are often used to correct poor installation methods or to make an improvement to the performance of hot water flow and pressure where storage tanks head heights are insufficient.

Vented cylinders can be installed with immersion heaters to provide secondary solutions to heat the hot water should the main heat source, such as a boiler, breakdown.

Also, with carefully designed heating systems, very high efficiencies for hot water production can be achieved with gas, LPG and oil boilers.

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“I prefer hot water storage systems, such as vented cylinders, compared to combi boilers in most properties, they have many more benefits so long there is space to install one. Their biggest drawback in a typical property is shower pressure and the space required to install one, but with careful design and the use of pumps where needed, these systems can perform great!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Not in most situations. There are a few low-performance choices, such as fortic cylinders, but without sufficient space above the cylinder for a storage tank at a good enough height, these systems cannot work/work well.

A pump can be used to provide a high-performance power shower, but the system needs careful consideration the pump does not run out of water, or the hot taps run cold too quickly in showers or large baths.

Heat Loss From Vented Cylinders

Wasted Heat From Cylinders

Older cylinders often have little to no lagging. The better the lagging, and the more of it there is, the longer a cylinder will take to cool when not in use. Modern vented cylinders often have vastly better insulation properties than older cylinders, thus losing less energy through heat loss.

As fuel for heating is on the rise, money wasted through losses like this will only increase as time goes by.

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