LPG And Gas Fire Service

Do You Need A Gas Fire Serviced In The Tewkesbury Area?

Did you know that gas fires pose a much higher risk to life than boilers? The primary reasons for this are due to the majority of gas being “open-flued”, meaning they can cause hazardous fumes to enter the room far more easily than an up-to-date “room-sealed” boiler can. Also, due to the majority of gas fires being open, it is far easier for bits of debris to enter the fire and have an adverse effect on their combustion.

Where a fire is working dangerously and there is a problem with the flue so that the fire is emitting carbon dioxide, the situation can become very dangerous very quickly! We are sure you cannot afford to take that risk.

So Why Choose Us?

  • We are open and reliable
  • We provide 3 hour time slots for appointments
  • We provide quality workmanship backed by vast experience
  • We are well-organised and offer a professional service
  • We offer straightforward competitive pricing

In the majority of households with gas fires, the fires are ordinarily used less often than boilers. This may lead people to believe that it is not necessary to have their gas fire serviced as often as the boiler.

Gas fires are affected by their surroundings – fur, dust, weather, home improvements, additional installations and even things linked to the flue, such as it malfunctioning or birds making their homes – all can have an adverse impact on the safety of the gas fire in your home.

How can you find out if your gas fire is safe ? Choose to have it checked by an experienced professional engineer!

Our gas services are carried out effectively and are competitively priced. We are even able to offer 20% discounts where two or more gas appliances require a service within the same home concurrently! It is rare to find a service as great as ours for the prices we charge!

Our LPG & gas fires services can be carried out in and around Tewkesbury.

What Our Premium Quality Gas Fire Service Includes:

  • A comprehensive manufacturer’s service, including full strip and clean
  • A comprehensive performance test of the flue
  • Safe combustion guaranteed through the sizing of ventilation*
  • In depth written paperwork for every appliance
  • Genuine professional advice when issues are discovered

* Where applicable.


“There is no valid reason why not to get the gas fires that you use serviced, especially with the multi-appliance service discounts we offer!”

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a first appointment that is accurate to 15 minutes 99% of the time. All other slots we provide a 3-hour arrival window.

A typical gas fire service takes 45 minutes.

Yes, we accept all major forms of credit and debit cards.

No. Any parts found to be defective while doing a gas fire will be quoted for separately.

You will receive a detailed service report sheet and receipt.

Yes, we provide free annual gas fire reminders to our clients.

Areas Around Tewkesbury That We Cover

  • Ashchurch
  • Walton Cardiff
  • Twyning
  • Beckford
  • Bushley Green
  • Uckinghall
  • Longdon

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