LPG And Gas Leak Repair

Do You Live In Tewkesbury And Have A Gas Leak?

Gas leaks cause problems! Causing risks to peoples lives and homes, once the leak is made safe, it will still need to be located and rectifying where it is possible to locate.

To locate a gas leak both mains gas and LPG systems and checked with a combination of pressure tests, leak detection solutions and gas detection equipment. Unfortunately, sometimes we are not able to access the location of the leaks, or the tracing of these leaks could prove to be uneconomical, becoming more cost effective to install a new supply.

Whatever resolution is best for your situation, we are fully equipped and capable of resolving the issue quickly and efficiently at your property in Tewkesbury.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • We utilize a mix of strategies to amplify proficiency
  • We are highly qualified City & Guilds gas engineers
  • We come when we say we will and with clear pricing
  • We exceed expectations
  • We are cost savvy

There is no telling where the gas leak will be located. It could be in gas appliances, exposed pipework, concealed pipework or with service equipment such as meters. Leak detection takes a skilled and logical approach to be located efficiently, of which many ‘engineers’ will not implement.

Unfortunately, some dishonest engineers will locate the leak(s) but then wrongly advise you it is elsewhere in the attempt to charge you to re-pipe part or all of your gas pipework system to resolve the issue. The engineer to source should be highly skilled and above all trustworthy.

What We Offer:

  • Genuineness and polished methodology as standard
  • Competitively priced
  • Highly experienced
  • Punctuality

Not sourcing a genuine and experienced company, it is anything but difficult to succumb to extensive hourly rates as a feature of a gas or LPG leak detection and repair. In the correct hands, in a reasonable amount of time, the estimated whereabouts, or possibly what the probability of finding the leak in the most cost effective way is. All to often we see clients over charged for work, at last to be informed that they have to repipe their whole gas pipework system.

We would prefer not to squander your hard earnt cash, we just need to explain the answer for you as fast as could reasonably be expected and minimise your expenses. Where expenses could raise from trouble finding a LPG or gas leak, we give you the alternatives and educate the best solution.


“One of my first duties as a qualified gas engineer was to trace and repair gas leaks. Where I was unable to locate them, I was responsible for the re-piping of the system. Trial and error taught me a lot about the process, of which I managed to perfect over the years. I have seen a significant number of people get hit with excessive trace and repair charges or have seen quotes for re-pipes that were not needed.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Potentially it can take a long time. However, in a typical property, usually within 60-90 minutes the leaks location or approximate location has been ascertained, of which the best course of action can be discussed.

If an engineer has detected a leak that is outside of safe working parameters they have a legal duty of care to ensure you and other peoples safety, along with protecting the property, often the worst events the are caused by gas leaks that went unnoticed.

Yes, our registration number is 563390, of which can be checked by visiting the Gas Safe Registers website.

Gas Leak Tolerances

Minute tolerances are allowed on LPG/gas appliances with no smell of gas. How much will depend on factors such as the meters size and gas volume within the system. There are no tolerances for leaks on gas pipework.

Gas engineers have a legal duty of care to keep the public safe from dangers that can come about from the use of gas. Failure to prevent an engineer from allowing them to exercise their duty can result in the property being cut off from the main supply.

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