Vented Hot Water Cylinder Installation

Is your hot water cylinder in need a replacement or a new one in Tewkesbury?

Typical hot water cylinders (vented) use gravity to supply hot water to outlets. There is an option to pump these types of systems to increase pressure and flow depending on the needs of the property.

The beneficial thing about vented hot water cylinders is inasmuch as they are correctly installed, with soundly designed system, they can support numerous hot water outlets at the same time. In a medium to large property or a smaller property that has non-run of the mill hot water needs, these sorts of systems are a better choice over combi boilers.

The only downside of conventional hot water cylinders is the general absence of pressure. Once more, this can be improved by adding pumps to the system, this also depends on the property and the user.

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A few people feel that vented hot water cylinders are a progressively conventional way of getting hot water that they are some way or another sub-par compared to other alternatives; this isn’t the case. In any case, they do require space and to be installed in such a way to get the best out of these kinds of hot water systems.

The height of the cold water storage tank that feeds into a vented cylinder directs the pressure available at the outlet. Where showers are installed so that the shower head is simply underneath the storage tank, flow at the shower can be restricted, particularly if there is poor design to the system. This is the thing that frequently gets these kinds of systems a terrible reputation, however this boils down to low-quality plumbing system design/installation. There are various inadequately installed vented hot water cylinders in Tewkesbury.

One thing that is regularly not talked about is the capability to accomplish high efficiencies in hot water generation with systems like this. Fitting a condensing boiler to this sort of cylinder isn’t sufficient to guarantee effective hot water generation, yet with skilled design, gas or LPG central heating systems can deliver hot water and heating at high efficiencies, accordingly sparing fuel costs in comparison to proficient hot water production alternatives, such as, combi boilers.

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“I prefer hot water storage systems, such as vented cylinders, compared to combi boilers in most properties, they have many more benefits so long there is space to install one. Their biggest drawback in a typical property is shower pressure and the space required to install one, but with careful design and the use of pumps where needed, these systems can perform great!”

Frequently Asked Questions

If the flat does not have loft space, the only option would be a Fortic cylinder. Due to this type of system being restricted in their performance, they are mainly only used if there is no other option.

If designed carefully and the right sized cylinder is used, a pump can then be installed to provide a high-performance power shower.

Typically at least a cupboard and space in the attic/loft, but there are options, such as Fortic cylinders, as already mentioned, for different types of properties.

Heat Loss For Cylinders

If an old cylinders doesn’t have lagging, insulation or using a lagging jackets will help slow the hot water cylinder from cooling. Modern cylinders have better quality lagging which is thicker, but a jacket is better than a bare cylinder, this helps retain hot water for longer, reducing your hot water bills as less energy is lost through thermal loss. There is a huge difference in heat retention between a new cylinder and a cylinder with no insulation or one with a jacket!

With energy prices constantly rising a little forward thinking will save you money in the future. Smaller savings now can become big savings in 10 to 20 years time, so reducing your homes fuel consumption for heating and hot water now, is a smart thing to do.

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