The Difference Between A Gas Safety Check & Gas Appliance Service

09 May. 2019

Written by Neil Marsh MCIPHE RP RHP EngTech

Many people are confused at the difference between a gas safety check and a gas appliance service…

Gas Safety Check or Inspection

Landlords are required to have an annual gas safety check carried out on each property they rent out or rent space out within to tenants. Gas safety checks are also utilized when buying/selling homes. Certificates are issued as evidence that the gas appliances and flues have been safety tested and are working within safety parameters.

A gas safety check comprises of a series of tests as determined in Regulation 26(9) the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. While this check satisfies a landlord’s responsibility to have an annual safety check carried out, it doesn’t necessarily fulfil the duty of the landlord to maintain equipment adequately.  Any severe incidents that occur that are deemed to have been preventable by a boiler service, or the landlord’s failure to repair faults or correct defects that they have been notified about, could lead to the landlord being prosecuted, even if they have undertaken a landlords gas safety check 

Gas Appliance Service

A  gas appliance service comprises a different process to a gas safety certificate and is usually by definition what is instructed by the manufacturer.

Landlords often ignore a boiler service as it is common for them to believe that only a gas safety check is required, however, as already mentioned, they have a legal duty to maintain adequate and gas appliances and equipment they provide within the properties they let. 

Further Advice

For homeowners, an annual boiler service is not only advised for safeguarding the safety of everyone in the home and for giving your boiler the best chance of lasting longer or reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs, but it is often overlooked that home insurance policies specify that any serviceable equipment within a home needs to be maintained as not to invalidate the policy should that equipment fail and result in a damages claim. 

For landlords, we advise a boiler service be done for all the reasons above, and this way you best safeguard yourself against legal action being taken against you should a severe incident occur. 

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