What Boiler Warranties Typically Do Not Cover

25 Apr. 2019

Written by Neil Marsh MCIPHE RP RHP EngTech

Although each manufacturer stipulates the terms of any warranties/guarantees they offer on the boilers that they produce, there are typical occurrences across the board for what the manufactures will not cover …

Below we have put together a guide for what not to expect the boiler manufacturers to cover should they be called out within the warranty/guarantee period to repair a boiler. 

1. Boilers that are not installed and registered with a Gas Safe registered engineer with the appropriate qualifications within 30 days

All boilers manufacturers warranties stipulate that a Gas Safe registered engineer must install the boiler and it must be registered within 30 days of the completed installation. 

2. The boilers Benchmark must be completed in full 

The Benchmark is a certificate that is usually within the manufacturers’ instructions that the commissioning engineer must complete in full and leave with the customer. It has a series of test/checks that must be acknowledged and/or readings recorded. 

3. The boiler must be serviced annually 

The boiler must be serviced once a year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. If you are local to us and need an annual boiler service in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Tewkesbury or the areas around, we provide high quality and low-cost boiler services. All out current rates can be found by visiting the “Rates & Payments” part of our website. 

The homeowner will be required to retain proof of the service history. This is usually done through the logbook and servicing sheets. 

4. Faults that are not boiler related are not covered

The manufacturers will not cover, and may even charge a call-out fee, for faults that are a result of external controls or equipment, such as programmers, stats, valves etc. 

5. Dangerous boiler locations/poor access

The manufacturers will not work on boilers in dangerous positions or within dangerous households. They also will not climb over obstacles or move belongings to get to a boiler. 

6. Accidental or malicious damage.

This includes fires, smoke damage etc. Such claims would need to be made against home insurance policies where applicable. 

7. Sludge, scale or sediment

Anything that should not be in the system, such as sediments from a construction site, corrosion from within the central heating system (sludge) or limescale, is not covered to be removed or the damage it causes. 

Click here for a case study of what failing to flush a central heating system correctly can do to it. 

This typically arises from the installer failing to power flush and/or treat the system with inhibitors correctly.  

For more information about power flushing click here. 

All of our boiler installations/replacements are quoted with a power flush as standard when fitting onto existing central heating systems. We also offer power flushing in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Stroud and the rest of the county of Gloucestershire for clients who have related issues

8. Installation defects

These are issues that result from the boiler installer not installing the boiler to the manufacturer’s instructions and the manufacturer determining that the fault is or could be a result of the installers work. 

It is essential that you use a high-quality central heating installer when you have a boiler installed to ensure that you are free from installation defects. For those who need a central heating installer in Gloucester, Cheltenham or elsewhere in Gloucestershire, we are not only a high-quality installer but someone who Guarantees against installation defect. 

Always consult the manufacturers’ warranty/guarantee, and fully understand what is covered by them, before you commit to purchasing a boiler product of theirs. If in doubt, always seek legal advice.