Gas And Lpg Boiler Replacement Installation

Do You Need A Gas or LPG Boiler Installation/Replacement In Worcester

Is your boiler old or has it failed and is beyond economical repair? If so, we have what you need to be to ensure that you get a high-quality boiler replacement with a fantastic package and at a competitive price!

Should it be a combination boiler, conventional boiler, system boiler or store, we have it covered. We can replace any old LPG, gas or electric boiler with a durable and efficient replacement that performs as it should.

We have been installing boilers in Worcester for several years now and have a long list of satisfied customers! You can find evidence of this by visiting our Facebook page and looking at our reviews on such websites as Google & Yell.

So Why Use Us?

  • Up to 10-year warranties on the boilers we install.
  • We offer insurance backed guarantees on the work we do, which also includes deposit protection.
  • We are honest, reliable and offer excellent value for money.
  • We offer all the best boiler products from across the market to cover all different situations.

Regardless of the boiler type or brand used, all brands and models are affected by sludge, scale and sediment. The presence of such contaminants can and will invalidate warranties provided by the manufacturer. So, as standard, we include the cost of power flushing within our quotes when we are quoting to install boilers to existing central heating systems, such as boiler replacements. More information about power flusing by clicking here.

We do not provide estimates. Instead, we provide full written quotations for all of our boiler replacements, with clear and easy to understand terms and conditions. We typically provide clear and easy to follow quotes within 48 hours of the survey of your property to your e.mail address, or where required we will post this out quickly.

We do not use pushy sales tactics or undertake surveys that come with an obligation. Other than ensuring that our customers have received the quotation we have issued, we do not follow up quotes and harass people!

What We Offer:

  • A professional and thorough service
  • A variety of options and flexibility to suit individual needs
  • Honesty and transparency throughout the entire process
  • High-quality work

With us you will get big company benefits, but with a quality service that only a smaller company can provide! We deliver a personal service that is friendly, honest and professional. We never try to sell you anything you do not need or promote gimmicks.


“The typical person does not understand the complexity of boiler installation. Many mistakes can be made by an installer which can have detrimental effects on the consumer down the line. Much of the work generated is because of issues occurring and equipment failing prematurely due to installation errors. It would serve home-owners better to look at the whole picture, not just the lowest price when making decisions on who to use to replace their boiler.”

Frequently Asked Questions

It is extremely probable that boilers will be used in the UK for many years to come. Somewhere beyond 2035, we expect that hydrogen will start to be introduced to replace natural gas. All current gas & LPG equipment will be able to run on hydrogen with little to no alternation. Biogases are already being used today to supplement the grid.

There isn’t one. All manufacturers perform differently at different times and have products of varying quality. The question homeowner should be asking when coming to replace a boiler is “what is the best boiler product for my situation at this point?”.

Around 2-3 days, but it can take longer depending on the work involved.

What a Typical Boiler Installation/Replacement In Worcester From Us Will Include:

  • A boiler with up to 10-years warranty
  • The best boiler for your situation
  • A thorough power flush with post inhibitor treatment
  • A high-quality filter, such as the Fernox Omega filter
  • Robust and easy to use heating controls, such as a Honeywell T4 programmable room stat
  • An installation that conforms to all the required standards

Areas Around Worcester That We Cover

  • Broadwas
  • Broughton Hackett
  • Fern Hill
  • Bransford Bridge
  • Hallow
  • Kempsey
  • Callowend
  • Upper/Lower Broad Heath

See all the areas we cover here!