Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation

Do You Need To Install A New, Or Replace An Existing Unvented Hot Water Cylinder In Worcester?

Unvented hot water cylinders are capable of producing high flow rates at good pressure to multiple hot water draw points simultaneously. These can be excellent choices for properties with various people living in the same property who need to be able to use hot water draw off points, such as showers, simultaneously.

Many unvented hot water cylinder systems underperform due to poor installation, plus when installed incorrectly they can potentially be very dangerous! It is vitally important that you use a skilled and competent installer to install an unvented hot water cylinder so that both performance and safety are ensured.

So Why Use Us?

  • Fully qualified experts who are able to self certify unvented hot water installations
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Pressure, flow, pipe sizes, pipe routes and other factors all affect how a un-vented hot water cylinder will perform. With careful consideration and design, unvented hot water cylinders can produce excellent results. Potentially three to four showers could be run simultaneously from a single cylinder, which can be pushed further through advanced plumbing system design and the use of banks of cylinders. The successful design and implementation of these systems require intelligence, experience and skill. Cut corners here, and you may be sadly disappointed with the performance of your investment!

The sheer number of poorly installed cylinders we come across in Worcester during our servicing duties is extraordinary! We are regularly reporting to our customer’s faults in the installations we find, often which is leading to builders and plumbing companies re-attending to correct. We have experienced entire blocks of flats and large numbers of homes on new build estates coming together to have defects corrected following our findings of faults on neighbouring properties. From landlords who own multiple properties in the same block/area to neighbours who had the same builder/developer, we have seen large blocks of properties pursue to have installations in their properties corrected.

An unvented cylinder which is installed unsafely can present considerable risk. In the worst case scenario, unvented hot water cylinder can explode due to water to steam expansion and take properties with it! Also, poorly installed cylinders could fail to remove high-temperature steam/water to a safe location following a catastrophic discharge. In both instances, there are numerous situations up an down the country where people have been killed or seriously hurt as a result. However, where unvented hot water cylinders are installed correctly, they are exceptionally safe and work fantastically.

You need someone you can trust for new and replacement unvented hot water cylinders installed in your property in Worcester. Should it be an entirely new installation, a replacement cylinder or general maintenance, we can provide the services you require efficiently and effectively.

What We Offer:

  • We are fully impartial
  • We design systems that perform to specification
  • Excellent workmanship
  • We are open and honest

“It is an absolute disgrace the number of unvented hot water cylinders I have witnessed first-hand that present a potential danger to the occupants within the properties I have attended. There are a lot of tradesmen out in the marketplace who should not be working with unvented systems.”

Frequently Asked Questions

In the wrong hands, they can be, but you have no need to worry when using us.

In most cases, yes, but the work involved and costs can vary greatly depending on aspects of the property. In some instances, other forms of systems can be more cost-effective. We will always give you our expert advice on what is best for you and your situation.

They generally need at least a cupboard space, but in some instances, more space is required. It depends on what your specifications for performance are.

What Is An Unvented Hot Water Cylinder?

An unvented hot water cylinder is a mains fed cylinder that has no header tanks that feed it. Mains water enters into the cylinder which is then supplied to outlets at mains pressure.

Unvented hot water cylinders, when designed carefully, can provide lots of flow which can be used to supply multiple hot water outlets simultaneously.

The pressure in which unvented hot water cylinders operate at is typically dictated to by the mains pressure, although pumps can be utilised to increase pressure where it is low.

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