Vented Hot Water Cylinder Installation

Do you need a new or replacement hot water cylinder in Worcester?

Conventional hot water cylinders (vented) use gravity to supply hot outlets with water. There is an option to pump these types of systems to increase pressure and flow depending on the needs of the property.

The good thing about vented hot water cylinders is so long as they are installed correctly, with sound system design, they can service multiple hot water outlets simultaneously. In a medium to large sized property or a smaller property that has non-typical hot water needs, these types of systems are better choices than combi boilers.

The only drawback of conventional hot water cylinders is the general lack of pressure. Again, this can be improved significantly by using pumps, but sometimes this is not possible or prefered depending on the property and the user.

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Some people feel that vented hot water cylinders are a more traditional way of providing hot water that they are somehow inferior to other options; this is not the case. However, they do need space and to be installed in a certain way to get the best out of these types of hot water systems.

The height of the cold water storage tank that feeds into a vented cylinder dictates the pressure available at the outlet. Where showers are installed in such a way that the shower head is just below the storage tank, flow at the shower can be limited, especially if there is poor plumbing system design. This is what often leads to these types of systems getting a bad reputation, but this comes down to low-quality plumbing system installation/design. There are numerous poorly installed vented hot water cylinders in Worcester.

One thing that is often not discussed is the ability to achieve high efficiencies in hot water production with systems like this. Fitting a condensing boiler to this type of cylinder is not enough to ensure efficient hot water production, but with careful design, gas or LPG central heating system can produce hot water and heating at high efficiencies, thus saving fuel costs compared to less efficient hot water production options, such as combi boilers.

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“I prefer hot water storage systems, such as vented cylinders, compared to combi boilers in most properties, they have many more benefits so long there is space to install one. Their biggest drawback in a typical property is shower pressure and the space required to install one, but with careful design and the use of pumps where needed, these systems can perform great!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Without loft space, the only option would be a Fortic cylinder. These systems are restricted in their performance, and therefore as a result typically only used when other options are not practically possible.

With careful design and the right sized cylinder, a pump can be used to provide a high-performance power shower.

They generally need at least a cupboard and space in the attic/loft, but there are options, such as Fortic cylinders, as already mentioned, for different types of properties.

Heat Loss For Cylinders

Old cylinders may have no lagging, insulation or use lagging jackets to help slow the hot water cylinder from cooling. Although jackets are better than bare cylinders, modern cylinders have better quality lagging which is thicker, thus making them retain hot water for longer, which reduces hot water bills as less energy is lost through thermal loss. The difference in heat retention between a new cylinder and a cylinder with no insulation or one with a jacket is widely different!

Energy prices historically rise. With exception to periodic dips, energy gets more expensive as time goes on. Smaller savings now can become big savings in 10 to 20 years time, so thinking forward in regards to reducing your homes fuel consumption for heating and hot water, is a smart thing to do.

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